Wednesday, July 25, 2007



i lay dazed and fazed for days...

just wanting to savor it all...

am enveloped with warmth...

you're never really gone...

all is well. :D

Saturday, July 21, 2007

hangin' on

had a quick ym with my high school bestfriends and i realize how much i miss talking to them like we used to. we would talk for ours on end thinking about anything from trivial to mundane and the ideal. we used to hang out at their place or at dunkin donuts in our city...or at starbucks 6750 or in glorietta...or in seattle's best katip...even in starbucks ayala-cebu...often we'd wonder how soon can we meet up and talk some more maybe in starbucks new york or wherever part of the world our wanderlust nature can take us to.

me and my best buds go way back. lala and i have been classmates since grade school...sugar and i knew each other since freshmen high school. we've been inseparable since. and we've shared most if not all our life stories together. thus sharing something to them even after a long time of not havin kept in touch is but so easy. we don't really need to explain much. we just understand each other. and it just never fails to comfort me.

in times of dire need we often find ourselves seeking comfort in the complexity of things. we prefer losing ourselves in everything complicated if only to drown ourselves and hopefully not hear the ramblings inside us. the past days i've found myself seeking comfort in my gadgets, my loud music, or the internet. i seek refuge in reading about other people's lives. drowning myself in their own complex stories. well and good. but it only stirred me away from myself. i failed to listen to the voices inside me.

talking to my friends makes me look back at where i came from. how i came to be. and they let me keep in touch with myself better. i learn that we are currently going into the same crises. that of knowing where to go, what to do with our lives. it's always a relief to have close people with you as you journey on.

yeah, am just getting senti once again. but am just really grateful for my friends and to everyone i have here with me. whether they are near or far. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

first day potter

got to watch harry potter 5 on i-max on the first day...but then again i always watch hp on it's first day...i'd declare it my own little holiday, my harry potter day hehehe...

watchin it on i-max though was way different even if it's but the last 20 minutes that is on 3D...whoa, pede ko mahipuan si harry hahaha!

oh, never mind if we were on the 3rd row as the cinema was really full packed.

twas quite fast paced, it would be easy for you to get lost in the story if you haven't read the book...but i enjoyed it...i love luna, i love ginny, and the twins. but cho chang is quite blah in spite of the quite longish kissing scene more spoilers now. but harry's bod is to die for...for a young man huh!

the final scene is so astig, i wanna be a part of that fab 6 yey!

i wanna watch it again but am sure we'll watch it at home over and over and over again as soon as the dvd is out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

single thoughts

if it's meant forever, why hurry...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Aoi Haru (Blue Spring)

managed to catch a couple of films at the Japanese Film Fest held at the UP Film Institute and was drawn by this movie...

quite violent but rather poignant and sweet.

i could watch this scene over and over again and still get goosebumps.

and how i love the music!!!! :bop: