Wednesday, December 27, 2006

7 things i wish for 2007

am not so good at keeping resolutions so i'll just list a few wishes for the new year to come.

1. 15,000 miles. i hope to accumulate at least that in my Mabuhay Miles to at least take me to Singapore or wherever. So far I have 12000 plus. Yey!

2. 4 + 1. being the wanderlust that i am i hope i could travel to 4 interesting spots around the country and at least one abroad. don't really care whether it's work related or Pex sabit. waah!

3. 50K. with how much i earn and spend a month i wish to have this modest savings by the end of the year. i wish! i wish!

4. 50% off. i've been maxing my credit cards left and right and the interests i pay every month are just outrageous. i really wish i could just throw them out the window or lock it out for good. sigh.

5. 100 lbs. i really wish to keep my weight down to at least a 100 lbs. am barely 5' it wouldn't look good if i become overweight. that would spell then a regular trip to the gym and not to the kitchen har-har.

6. 100%. someday soon i just want to be a full time mom to my growing bebi Xan. who's really turning into a bebi no more. sniff.

7. The One. hmmm...i don't know how to describe this. i'll just leave it to my Maker. Prays.

Have you any wish too???

Monday, December 25, 2006

christmas in our home

haay, Christmas here is always spent in a flurry. i went out and had to do my last minute shopping bleh! turned out my friends are meeting at zoey's with their kids so ninangs can give their gifts too so i brought Xan and had to buy a gift for an inaanak as well. Xan got really excited with all the confusion at the store hahah! then i met an ex at jobee and we go together to zoey to meet the rest.

wow, for once we had zoey all by ourselves heheh...

well anyway, we finished eating and chitchatting and had to go rush out again for the shopping, finally!

we get home around 7pm and ohhh smelled good there. Mama finished cooking the pata tim and the fruit cake is all laid out. then we set the table around 9pm after wrapping the hurried bought gifts.

we had chicken and pork afritada and roasted chicken and the ham and the leche flan and the mango supreme. oh so yummy!

around 11, we were so sleepy and tired to wait for midnight so we started giving gifts already. Xan was so confused with all the ohhs and ahhs we gave out after receiving the gifts and he shrieked too when he finally got his own.

oh well, i was to sleepy and tired to go out and watch the fireworks i went to our room and slept. heheh...watta kwismas!

Friday, December 22, 2006

the la luz experience

oh yeah, we made it to la luz after all!

twas quite a long drive from ateneo to san juan, batangas. we dropped by candelaria to have lunch at an officemate's house and feasted on a pork dish i forgot what it's called and fried tilapia. hmmm! namnam! as my son would say.

we finally arrived in la luz at around 3pm, lazed on the beach a while and ate our snacks which was part of the 800 meal package. haay sarap!

the place looks really great though twas quite far and there was about 4km of unpaved, dusty road from the main highway. good thing we had a car. it would have been a total nightmare had we commuted. phew!

the beach is not that good though as there were rocky portions and the sand is coarse. we later learned from the locals that it was better way back then before typhoons hit the country. sayang.

i had a lot of rashes though because of the jelly fishes which we could barely see. good thing Xan was spared from it. sometimes it's best to just wade in the sand heheh..

the view is indeed really nice. and the facilities are good. food is so yummy, buffet all the way! so all in all our short stay was well worth it. sana makabalik kami! sama tayo next time ha!

more pics here.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


i have Xan with me now. in fact he's sleeping soundly on our office foor (on his playmat) as i write this.

for once i was really scared i may not be able to get him back from his dad. i had a dream once where i was supposedly walking Xan in the mall with his dad. Then apparently i lost them and never saw them again. I went to his dad's house but his parents told me he wasn't home yet. how i broke down and cried. i woke up all sweaty and in tears. it's indeed every single mom's nightmare.

i was quite apprehensive in bringing him here from the province. i was pretty sure his dad would want to see and borrow him. somehow i allowed him thinking it's also best for Xan to know his dad.

and i didn't want to be greedy.

i didn't want to create more rift between us, his dad and i.

while i waited for them last night a lot of negative thoughts crossed my mind.

what if they would never come?

what if something bad happened?

what if Xan had an accident and is injured?

and so on and so forth...

a taxi finally pulled up in front of KFC where i waited. i almost jumped when i saw them coming out. then Xan was walking slowly holding on to his dad. mighty sweet indeed. then he smiled when he saw me. and smiled to his dad too. i kissed him at once and told him how much i missed him. he just hugged me back.

then something almost heartbreaking happened.

when i carried Xan, he looked to his dad and wanted to go to him and cried. i hugged him tight and his dad told him to stay with me. we said our quick goodbyes and i immediately rode the trike and asked to be taken home.

on the way home i felt so sorry for my son that i could not give him the ideal life he could have. it would be nice if us, his parents stay together and be close as a family. but i don't think i could ever stay in that kind of relationship anymore.

on the one hand, i was happy they did bond and click in the 2-3 days they were together. at least i'm sure Xan had a great time being with him.


just really glad Xan is back with me now.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


i am currently lusting over this one:

Havaianas Slim Season Size 35-36.

Anyone who can send me this for free or for a fee will really make my Christmas all merry and gay. ;)

sharing Xan

Xan is currently with his dad for a couple of days now. and though i'm a bit apprehensive, i feel much better sharing Xan and making him know his father better. much as i want my son to have a complete family the best that i could do is let them spend some time together and bond.

i am hoping that with this he will feel much more loved having "other" people aside from my family doting on him.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

beachy in december

i know typhoon seniang just ravaged my other paradise which is boracay but i don't think this could stop us from trying out the beach for once. our office is actually planning for a Christmas outing in La Luz Resort, Batangas this weekend. weeeh!! i really hope we could push through.

we have yet to process our budget not to mention our salaries so we could all go. am really excited. and yes, of course, Xan, my little el viajero is coming with us too.
wow, i hope to post real pics here soon. wish us luck! ;)

tainted frailties

i just heard one of the saddest news today. apparently, the adopted daughter of our colleague is six months pregnant...

she's just 16...

and she doesn't know who the father is.

i was too stunned for a while i wasn't able to react at once. then i had goosebumps and i almost felt the tears starting to well up. yeah, motherhood may have softened me up a bit but news like this is just really hard to take. we know it happens everywhere but we still get shocked when it hits right home.

often we ask ourselves what is indeed happening with the world today?

i've been scanning my niece's friendster and there's one other girl actually showing off her bulging tummy. i learned she is but 17 and has stopped school. yet there she is posing proudly as if being a mother at 17 and single at that is the best achievement a girl could ever have. and yeah, her mom was the one who took the pics.

sometimes i feel that maybe we just watch too many movies and look up to whoever looks sparkly out there. it feels scary that our kids actually watch too much of britney spears.

o dear.

really glad i have a son.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

gearing up for a purple christmas

here's our present christmas tree and we are all loving it. for a change, we veered away from the usual all too colorful tree with the reds the blues and the yellows and selected just one theme color. and since i bought all the decors i get to choose the color purple. but of course!

and to match, i had my nails painted purple
as well. weehhh!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

lost and found image

this pc of mine is about 2 or 3 years old already and am really happy that most of my files we're still saved even after having it reformatted. newei, here's one of the few pics i found hidden in my data disc.

this was taken during my last visit in enchanted kingdom way back 2002, i think.