Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bantayan Is., Cebu

this has been one of my dream destination for sometime now. and i just got so excited when our trip finally pushed through last May 27-29!

located on the northern part of Cebu, Bantayan Island is one breathtaking place you won't mind trekking to. I did my prior research from an online forum and some websites and just made bookings and travelling easier.

i wasn't prepared for some details though. we left for the Northern Bus Terminal around 6am as suggested as aircon buses are suposed to be scheduled as early as 7am each day. we were told however that aircon trips were already cancelled. we boarded the next non-aircon bus which was to leave at 730 although it was already full only a short while that it parked and waited. Fare is at PhP55.00 each. it was quite a long 3 hours of a little bit of rough road and warm weather. i'm not so sure if that's a normal occurence but it could be that Bogo town, the town right before Hagnaya port, had it's annual fiesta but men and women carrying some kids would hop on standing on the aisles, squeezing themselves unto the rather small bus. yup, it's not even the usual Victory-big buses we have here in Manila. it was a bit tiring three hours huh. gladly though, most passengers already alighted at Bogo town, where indeed they had their town fiesta. about 30 minutes off Bogo we finally reached Hagnaya port where we had to board a fastcraft for the town of Sta. Fe where the resorts are located. Fare is at Php150 and about an hour and a half later, we finally reached our destination.

i have made prior reservations at Kota Beach Resort, one of the suggested resorts and I've already made contact with their driver to pick us up at the airport. yes, one of the reasons why i chose the resort is its free transfers.

our cottage cost us PhP 1560 per day good for 3 persons plus and additional mattress for an extra person costing another PhP200.00. Not bad really as it is big and comfortable enough for the 4 of us. and this is the sight that greets you outside:

fine powdery white sand that could stretch on to forever indeed. and Kota is strategically located in one corner making you feel like you have your own private beach. and there's a vacant stretch of beach just beside it for that "marooned in an island" feel.

food is a bit expensive in the resort though. a cup of rice is at PhP17 and main dishes range from PhP145 to 200 good for 2-3 persons. you could opt to buy fresh foods at the nearby market and have them cook it for you for a whopping P200 per kilo. we asked around and learned that a store just beside the school near the resort accepts paluto though at P40 per dish. we found a better deal.

this meal, our dinner later that day cost us barely PhP 200 including rice and a 1.5 liter bottle of coke zero. a far cry from the PhP700 i spent at the resort's restaurant that lunchtime.

on our second day, we rented a boat to head off to what they call as Virgin Is. for more beach and snorkeling. the trip cost us PhP800 for the banca rental, PhP300 for the island entrance fee and another PhP100 for the 2 snorkeling masks. cheap enough knowing that island hopping in other islands could fetch up to PhP1800 to 3000 huh!

Their Virgin Is. is about a 25 minute boat ride from Kota passing by the many resorts. what we saw there is more powdery fine white sand and crystal clear waters. there are cottages around the area and some pit were the boatmen themselves could grill fish and meat for us. we bought a big enough fish at the market before we left for like P60. grilling was free this time courtesy of our manong bangkero.

we spent our half day there swimming and exploring the island. just be careful of jelly fishes though as they seem to abound the waters. you may want to try out Godiva's safe sea sunblock with anti-jelly fish stings (plugging! hehe)

back at Kota, a group of local and some tourists were enjoying the late afternoon sun on the sandbars skimboarding! wow, if only i had enough courage to skimboard again i could have tried it anew. oh well.

i had such a great time there. i fell so in love with the place and i hope i could go back again. i hope they will bring back the aircon buses though. just the same, the ride is still well worth it. and i hope they won't soil the place too much by adding in more establsihments, jacking up the prices for tourists and not regularly cleaning the area. so far, everything is almost perfect there already.

more pics here.

and more info about the place at

and oh, please check out PAL rates before booking anywhere else. I got my Cebu-Manila airfare with them at PhP2300 compared to CebuPac's more than Php3k!

Friday, May 23, 2008


...of every kind is never fun.

it's been a week straight since i've stayed home minus any internet connection. and it's just extra hard. i could connect to ym via my celphone but it's an entirely different thing. most often i would wake up in the middle of the night wondering what's new in cyberspace haha! pathetic but yeah, it is totally true.

my only solace is that it's been raining hard almost everyday and sleep is such a wonderful respite. the thing is, i've been sleeping till mid day almost everyday and it's wreaking havoc on my stomach naman. i don't have any food at home yet, by the time i get to the office i'd be too hungry to eat. i have to take smaller portions of my meal each day and most often i would have to force food down my throat. it's like being in college all over again with my ever present hyperacidity. haaay, this needs to change. i need to gain back my appetite real quick. my bones are slowly sticking out and i don't really enjoy losing weight this way.

and i miss my friends. i miss not being able to keep in touch with them all day, all night. i'd hear of sad stories once in a while and it makes me feel uncomfortable not being around when i feel they need me most. oh well. i feel though that they are strong enough to weather whatever storms that come their way. but then again i'm always just a text or an offline message away anyway.

i'm off to cebu this weekend yi-ha! finally! i'm taking Xan and my mom with me for some much needed QT. i'm really just hoping that i'll be blessed with some sun on those days.

and Tsak is finally home! too bad his first week has to be spent on one errand after another amidst jetlag and adjustments with this hot/humid weather. i'm hoping things will settle down a bit soon and he could finally enjoy his much needed vacation.

Change is indeed inevitable, just don't make it too abrupt otherwise the nasty effects of withdrawal symptoms could be ravishing. i'm not enjoying it too much. it could actually become stressfull. my hyperactive stomach seems to be carrying all the weight of all these flurries. slowly but surely, i hope to get used to it. little by little, piecemeal changes is indeed the better way to go.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

online scrapbooking is actually fun!

i chanced upon this site where i could actually create scrapbook pages and have them printed out. at least i'll have more creative decors on my wall instead of just the framed and printed out photo. try it if you can!

Friday, May 09, 2008

toying with uncertainty

the past days, even weeks has been quite too gruelling for me what with all the waiting for some document which could finally kick off our project.

i honestly don't want to rant anymore. i feel like i've exhausted all my anxieties already which is almost comparable to waiting for one's period which might never come.

oops, of course i'm not saying that it will never come but with all these energy news floating around i wouldn't be too surprised. and it has been months. and am not so good with waiting. there is still that littlest part of me though that wants to continue hoping but right now i just want to expect whatever.

so maybe i'll just have to wake up one of these days without a job. what if? what if?

who knows, right?

yeah, i've been wanting to leave this job but am just too lazy to do anything about it. maybe i'm just waiting for some stronger force to kick myself off from where i'm currently, stubbornly embedded.

maybe i should finally update my resume now. gawd, i don't even know what to put in it anymore.

oh well, i still have another week to hope, and to mope, and to wait again.


P.S. to everyone who's been affected by my own "feeling vulnerable and all too sensitive" nature, my apologies. i hope you could bear with me for another week or so. mwah-mwah!

P.P.S. there's another tiny pimple on my nose. ahihihi.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


i'm so freakin tired of waiting.

i just want to head on with my plans already.

and i miss Xan so bad.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

the next AI??

David Archuleta might indeed be IT.

right now i'm rooting for Syesha Mercado though.

i'd be bitter if David Cook makes it kse Daughtry only made it to top 4.

and Jason is just not idol material, pwde siyang pang front act though hehe...

Friday, May 02, 2008

cubao x files

close friends back in college know i have this aversion for cubao. i've always thought of it as the haven not just for the jologs crowd then but for snatchers, hold uppers, hookers and every one who's considered as mga halang ang kaluluwa.

and i don't know, everytime i've to pass by cubao even at different times, i'd feel the need to hurry up and just get past it as quickly as i can. i'd feel that something bad would happen to me if i linger long enough.

imagine how revolted my friends were when they learned that the blind date they set up for me one valentine years ago actually took me to cubao. bwahehehehe...but oops, i'm not gonna expound on that story anymore.

but of course that was eons ago. cubao has definitely gotten a great make over especially with the construction of the gateway mall, shopwise and the renovation of Ali Mall. the new cubao is now as fancy as fancy could get, at least on some areas at least. gone were the days when i'd have to pant like crazy as if someone is stalking me whenever i'd drop by the place. now i could at least laze away, sashay and just enjoy the new place which is cubao.

yesterday, i grabbed the chance to explore cubao once more, particularly the now artsy cubao x. i was wishing i could be joined by friends as i really needed some company then but well, oh well. i ended up walking around the place by my lonesome and was gonna take pics of the new araneta center but was stopped by a guard as all of it is private property daw and i could be filed a case against intellectual property rights for snapping away. hmpf! KJ!

so i got to cubao x, t'was a bit early for the usual crowd i guess as most of the shops were still closed and only but a few people trickled in. i managed to take a few pics though, when the guards were not watching hehe...i just didn't feel like being reprimanded again.

i've to say that with more interesting shops, this could very well pass up as some artsy-bitsy enclave.

there will be a garage sale/bazaar this May 3 and 17 and i'm really hoping i could go back there for the great finds.