Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SKOW, wow!

we walked and walked around Marikina looking for this restaurant, turned out we were looking for it in a different church neighborhood. SKOW or Some Kind of Wonderful is actually located across St. Paul's Parish in Concepcion and not in Sta. Elena/San Roque, toinks! i was thinking it was just walking distance from the shoe trade fair in Marikina Sports Complex where we headed first. amidst rain, a bit of sunshine and rain again we walked and asked around but no one knew where it was i had to stop and google the exact location. there weren't any jeepneys in sight good thing a cab passed by.
i was half cursing and hoping the food better be great or it would have been a major letdown. Xan was already grouchy especially after having passed a Jollibee and a McDonalds while we walked and sweated profusely.We got there around 5pm and they were supposed to open not till 6pm but seeing our exasperation they let us in. My son was able to borrow the big Tonka truck to his great delight. we had bottomless iced tea for 55 pesos, and started ordering food! and yeah, they came fast and everything tasted good, no make that great!

Total bill was 605, i gave them 700 hoping they'd give me some change so i could give them a tip, but no, they returned my 100 saying quits na daw yun 5 pesos ko. yey, so i have to write this, give them a good review, go back soon and bring some more friends. punta tayo, punta kayo! the food, the ambience is really worth it.
My little boy had a field day, look at his pic! :))