Saturday, October 31, 2009

corned tuna

finally got to taste this latest craze. i've heard about it for months now it's just that i could not get hold of any stock in the nearest groceries not even in 7-11 or mini stop. i had to buy these at the supermarket in Megamall.

Century Corned Tuna is more solid, with little oil and has its usual pale color.

San Marino, the newer band, is more flaky and oily. it's saltier too. i dunno what's up with its reddish color? must be because it is full of love as modeled by the hot couple Dingdong and Marian? hehehe...

i'm not much a fan of corned beef but for this one i'd probably buy Century corned tuna again, and again. it tastes much better for me compared to San Marino. it's almost like tuna sisig.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

thirteen jogging/running songs

i have started jogging/running again when there are no more rains in the afternoons. now i have updated my playlist for some good enough company while i pant around the field. here's my top 13!

1. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (RADIOHEAD)

2. Soul Meets Body (DEATH CAB FOR CUTIES)

3. Violet (HOLE)

4. 747 (KENT)

5. Motorcycle Drive By (THIRD EYE BLIND)

6. No Ordinary Love (Deftones cover)




10. Satellite (DAVE MATTHEWS BAND)

11. Siren (TORI AMOS)

12. Bouncing Off Clouds (TORI AMOS)


Wow, i could add more but i have to list just thirteen for now. :)

Friday, October 09, 2009

waiting for the purple summer

I was able to catch another Tony award-winning musical at the RCBC Plaza last Friday, Oct. 9. Atlantis Productions' The Spring Awakening introduced me to another star-crossed lovers Melchior and Wendla. Set in the late 19th century Germany, these teenagers tackle issues on puberty and their raging hormones amidst repressions in the society.

it is particularly interesting to note that Duncan Sheik composed most of the songs here giving it some pop rock feel.

Joachin Valdez and Kelly Latti stars as Melchior and Wendla who both shine in their roles. i am amazed at how melodic and youthful their voices are. it particularly disappointed me though that Jet Pangan was not given a solo but i got impressed upon hearing that Sitti Navarro could actually sing and it doesn't sound bossa!

there is some bit of nudity and vulgar language amidst all the innocence and naivete. it is sweet and angst-y at the same time, gloomy yet hopeful too.

The earth will wave with corn
The gray-fly choir will mourn
And mares will neigh
With stallions that they mate
Foals they've borne

And all shall know the wonder
I will sing the song of purple summer

The show will run until Oct. 18. For tickets and more information, call Atlantis Productions at (632) 892-7078 or 840-1187. You may also visit .

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

this is my first time to join this meme and i find it unfortunate to have joined in a not so nice circumstances but i am grateful i am just fine though. and i hope to see my country rise from all these trials.

after typhoons Ondoy (Ketsana) and Pepeng (Parma) ravaged our country for days, i would like to try and list down 13 things which i hope i could save from among my belongings in case i am going to have to evacuate pronto!

1. my wallet with all the money, identification cards/passport/ atm/ credit cards and all those other cards

2. mobile phone and charger

3. digital camera and rechargeable batteries

4. my laptop (negotiable *sniff*)

5. a couple of shirts

6. a pair of jeans or shorts

7. a few pairs of underwear

8. my son's printed photos

9. a toiletry kit (with the basics like toothbrush/paste, deodorant, soap, alcohol)

10. my Sandman graphic novels (these are negotiable though)

11. The Sandman Companion Guide (I'd like to take all my books but i might have to choose only one)

12. an extra pair of flipflops

13. rain jacket

i'm going to have to wrap them all in plastic and hope to dear God i'd be kept from all harm.

a real hero

at the height of Richard Gutierrez's controversial rescue of fellow movie star Cristine Reyes, i sent Kuya Ef some news bits and asked his opinion on the so called heroic act. all he said was, "Hayaan natin si Chard kung doon siya masaya".

i felt a bit ashamed of myself especially after having religiously followed the scoops and controversies regarding the issue. true enough, now is not the time for us to merely dwell on trivialities and nitpick on other people's weaknesses and mistakes, admitted or not.

i first met Kuya Ef or Efren Penaflorida, Jr. in 2004, when we opened our Bayaning Pilipino Awards search for young people who also chose to make a difference. He was nominated for his active involvement in the values formation of young people in the depressed community in Cavite. and he is a young person himself and as economically challenged like most of the younger ones in his care.

he did not emerge as the top winner but this did not hinder him from his continued service and dedication to help others. he is now one of the endorsers of Ako Mismo! and is also one of the Top Ten candidates for CNN Heroes to which i'm going to solicit for your votes.

if you are as convinced of his ideals as i am, then click here and vote for him. note that you can vote as many times as you want.

I vote for Kuya Ef!

let us all spread the good news!

Friday, October 02, 2009

what to save?

i am currently staring at the stuff scattered around my room. i realize i have indeed accumulated a good number of things since my stay here last year. to think i have already lost and discarded more of my things from the many instances when i had to move from one place to another. after all, i must have moved homes more than 5 times for the past 16 years since i first came here in Manila (which also means i've been living here like half my life hmmm..)

i've been reading a lot about disaster preparedness lately. been trying to make a checklist as to what i should store and keep handy around the house in case an emergency arises. i realize i don't have a flashlight nor a candle. i don't have extra container/s for water in case the service is disrupted. i have enough food somehow to last me a few days. heck, i've been eating several times a day just to curb the nervousness and fear (yeah right!).

i have given already bagfuls of my clothes to charity. some of those items i'd have to close my eyes and not think twice before i chuck them into those bags. i thought i have given away most of my clothes back then to my nieces anyway. i have even had garage sales with some close friends before. purging one's closet can actually be cathartic. and yeah, it gives me the excuse to buy some more in case i'll once again have the urge to shop.

Typhoon Ondoy has become such an eye opener for most of us. it isn't just about the idea of mortality but also on how we hold on to our possessions. and how we've focused more on the finer things in life and neglecting the necessities.

exactly a week ago, i have been talking with friends and making plans on the parties, the events we could go to. fast forward to a couple of days ago, i could not even bring myself to go out and drink even with just the prospect of being able to meet up and hang out with friends. i was also contemplating on getting more stuff for my tiny home. more linens, an additional furniture perhaps. but such idea is so remote right now.

so what do i need to save in case i do need to evacuate in a flash? (God forbid!)

I don't know really.

must be my laptop (mostly because it's not mine). it conveniently contains most of my files.

my passport and all my other identification cards perhaps.

my cellphone and charger.

a few clothes.

my books! but they all seem so heavy.

oh wow, i don't know.

i just wish i won't have to be confronted with such a predicament ever.

i cannot possibly keep on buying anymore stuff. i won't be able to take them all with me anyway when the need arises.

i grieve for the people out there who just lost everything so quickly. some of them have been accumulated and saved for for years on end. maybe we should just stick to the basics and not have to spend so much on luxuries and everything else that are deemed disposable.

i really don't know. but i do know that as long as i will be able to save myself then i should be alright.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Calling Out for More Heroes Please

We are still in need of more goods be it in cash or in kind like clothes, toiletries, rice, canned goods, noodles, biscuits, bottled water etc. We are also in dire need of more volunteers to pack and be deployed to distribute these goods. More volunteers are also being sent to the different araes to help clean up. So many things are needed to be done, so many items are still needed to be distributed, so many people still need our help.

Let us not be selfish, let us not turn our deaf ears to their cries.

The following contacts may be reached for information on donating, volunteering and providing/receiving assistance:

Sanggunian ng mga Mag-Aaral ng mga Paaralang Loyola ng Ateneo de Manila
Gio Tingson
Kacci Morales

Office for Social Concern and Involvement- Loyola Schools
Mary Ann Manapat
4266001 loc.5090 or 4261017

Office of University Development and Alumni Relations
Jun Dalandan
426-6001 local 4085, 4084

Personnel Office
4266001 local 4128 (Cora)

or you can go directly to the Ateneo Covered Courts to drop in your donations and volunteer yourselves even your vehicles.

Are you a first time volunteer? Then read this:

Questions One Has About Volunteering for Relief Operations, But Was Afraid to Ask
by Pat Te Seng

1. I don't know anyone there!

- I didn't know anyone in the relief operations when I showed up. It's been a looooooooooong time since I was at the Ateneo. Just go there, head for the volunteer registration table and sign up.

If in doubt, look for a volunteer and ask how you can help. Someone is sure to point you in the right direction.

Don't be shy. Make new friends! You never know, you might even meet that special someone :D.

2. What should I bring?

- Yourself. Really.

No special equipment needed, just wear comfortable working clothes. A change of clothes and something to freshen up with would also be good things to bring. Ateneo's relief operation did ask those who want to help clean up stricken areas (clean up crews) to bring shovels and boots, but that's about it.

3. Which relief operation should I go to?

- It's really your choice. I went to the Ateneo because I studied there and saw that they were looking for volunteers in Facebook. But there were people from other schools (UP, etc) who went to the Ateneo operation.

You might want to go to somewhere you're familiar with, or the one nearest you.

4. What's there to do?

- A lot. One can be tasked to do the following:

Receive donated items - greet donors, accept and carry their donations for them, answer their questions, etc. Service with a smile! :D

Sort items - segregate donated clothes by gender (M/F), type (Top/Bottom), age (Baby/Child/Adult), or food by type (noodles/canned goods/biscuits/etc).

Pack items - stuff a set quantity of food/water/clothes into a plastic bag. Usually done assembly line-style, so people take turns putting different items into one bag. At the end of the line, there were people who tied the bags up (with the sheer volume there had to be people whose job was to tie the bags shut).

Last Sunday night we were putting out 45 bags per minute at one point. To put that in perspective, if we were able to sustain that clip, 2700 bags would've passed through our hands in an hour.

Distribution - People with cars/pickups/vans may be tasked to deliver the packages to stricken areas. Volunteers may be assigned to go with these people to help unload at the site.

Cleanup - Go to the stricken area and help clean out the area, including clogged drains, etc.

5. Is it hard work?

- I have to be honest, it's going to be manual labor, and in our case last night, have to sit/kneel on a hard floor to work because we had no work tables.

6. How much time should I put in?

- It's really up to you, as there is no time limit. It's going to understood that on weekdays, some people have work to do so they're going to welcome any help they can get.

7. Will I get fed?

- Not sure about the other relief centers, but Sunday night at the Ateneo, there was hot packaged food for the volunteers (donated) and bottled water/energy drinks/juice being passed out. There were people passing out Krispy Kreme stuff too.

8. I'm sold! But for how long will relief operations go on?

- Operations will go up to this Tuesday at least, and may be extended. Other organizations might do this all week.

8. OK, I'm here at a relief center. But I'm just standing here doing nothing, everyone else is busy

- That's fine. Ask people carrying stuff if you can lend a hand. Pick up discarded wrappers and toss them in the designated garbage pile.

And listen for an organizer to yell out "Volunteers! We need volunteers who aren't doing anything!!!!" Make your way to him or her, and volunteer, whatever that may be. :D

9. I really can't volunteer. :(

-That's okay! One can help in other ways: donating, or just by spreading word on how others can help.

You're probably reading this on Facebook, you can help disseminate updates about relief operations or calls for help in your status message. Every bit counts! :D

10. Wait! I wanna do those daring rescues and be on TV!

-Errr. No.

Please leave that to trained rescuers.

You think these are a lot already? No, we definitely still need more. So Please, pretty please give some more.

Or better yet, join us and feel really great about yourselves. ;)

There is a hero in all of us, so please, wherever you are, whatever it is you are doing...come out, come out!!!