Wednesday, April 29, 2009

:eek: moments

this is a bit overdue but i can't help but laugh about it every time i remember.

Xan is growing into a mischievously sweet boy and i can't help but marvel at his feats every now and then. these are icky moments though.

one time, i was watching tv in the living room when he came up holding something out to me and said, "Mommy, yuck!" was a hardened cat litter which he picked up on the floor. I was mortified and panicked and shouted "Yuck!" to which he shouted back, Yuck!" and smiled his most sheepish,sly smile.

and he also eats his booger haha! i saw him sitting at one corner and picking his nose. I said, "yuck, what are doing?". He became shy but quickly flicked something into his mouth and also said "Yuck!"

So i went on to clean his nostrils using some cotton buds, pero ang bata nakikipag unahan sa pag pick at sinusubo ang kulangot nya! and would tease me again by exclaiming, "yuck!"

I told my mom about it and she said not to fret too much, my brother did more icky stuff when he was way younger hehehe...

He barely talks still but most of the words he knows aside from "Yuck" is "Wow!" and "Mommy, no-no!".

Sunday, April 26, 2009

for the love of Anoop

it was a bit painful watching the AI replay today. Anoop's swan song "Dim all The lights" was actually enjoyable to watch. too bad he had to leave *sniff-sniff*.

Matt Giraud should have left last week, he's still terrible. i first noticed him when he sang "You Found Me" but i detest him now for having been saved and making Anoop leave now. not that i'm so sure about it hehe. indulge me, i'm just one bitter fan.

i remember Anoop when he auditioned wearing shorts and slippers/sandals. he looked so cool and relaxed but his voice was just intense. there were times when his song choices became a bit boring weeks later but i still love his personality, so calm so mild-mannered.

i'd want a son like him, save maybe for the chosen RnB/soul genre.

i still dunno why i watch AI season after season knowing that the winner would most likely go commercial and mainstream right after. i still love Daughtry till now though. and i hope more singers from AI would go the rock/alternative route. but then again this is not Rockstar, okay.

right now i don't have any clear bets anymore. Adam is good, exceptional but there's just something about him which i find off. and no more screaming, screeching please. Kris is so pa cute, so ordinary. I just might root for Allison then if only she could change that annoying hair style. well there's still a few more weeks and we will all know who it's going to be.

back to Anoop, if i have a daughter i'd like her to meet someone like him. (haha nanay na nanay talaga ang dating)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

drowning myself in jologsness

rushed up the three flights of stairs to my home last night to catch the American Idol performance night only to find out that it's been delayed a full 30 minutes. oh well, there's still All About Eve at 10pm and Fated to Love You, a Chinovela right after that. I caught a bit of Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang (what a title!) and couldn't think how could a mother name her child Proserfina haha!

Well, heto na nga ang sked ko lately na naka alarm pa sa phone ko. especially live airings of Amazing Race on Mondays at 8am in Studio 23. Back home in Iligan i got to catch the dramarama sa hapon on GMA with my mom and watched Tarzariray with the Sex Bomb Girls haha! Grabe ang producers ng show nila, di ko na nga mabilang kung pang ilang season na iyan. Kung ano ano ng roles pinapagawa sa kanila. Here, Rochelle portrays a taong-gubat complete with long, unkempt hair, tattered dress and cloth sandals/footwear. i wonder what they could think of next? hmmm....

All About Eve on primetime though is another thing. It's a Filipinized Koreanovela which i got to catch too years ago hihihi...ang cute ni Nicole doon at sobrang nakakaasar si Erika. This Filipino version is starred by Isa Calzado who i love dearly, and Sunshine Dizon as the detestable Erika. Ang galing ng casting, at ang ganda ganda ni Isa as Nicole . And Mark Anthony Fernandez is adorable as their Prince Charming. Hihi i can't help but giggle.

Sadly, natanggal na yung fave ko sa AI sniff-sniff. The results show will still be aired tonight but i couldn't help myself but peek online. oh well...

I'm still looking forward to my favorite shows on local TV each night. and i would like to enjoy this moment which makes me as normal like everyone else.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i want a yellow swimsuit this rainy summer.

why does it have to start raining so soon? my skin ain't even sunkissed yet.

i remember back in college, i'd paint my nails yellow when the rains would start coming.

i want something sunny and warm.

i'm hating all this gloom.

i still have a caramoan trip next weekend.

i really still want to go back to bora.

i still want more summer trips.

i want my sun!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

from the groom's sister

almost 20 pairs of principal sponsors
12 pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen
200 expected guests

i didn't know it was going to be this big. when i first talked to my mom about this wedding, she said it will be in a smaller church so it would be a bit solemn. i was thinking it will just be at least a hundred close friends and family. but well oh well...

the entire family is excited and has caught up with the frenzy of preparing for what could be the first major wedding in the family. the first, because both our elder sisters married in a haste, i don't really know why. maybe they thought we were bound to stop them weheheh...

i find it such an enjoyable thought that we will all be involved in this major family activity and be allowed to preen and dress up to the nines. what's more important and heartwarming though is the fact that it makes me mighty proud that my brother is actually making this major leap in his life. and we are all grateful that she has found this girl who is finally able to match his eccentricities, his unique desires. she is indeed one special girl. i still have to know her more but so far it makes me happy how she's making my brother really happy. she's more than a decade younger than my brother but the age gap seems to work well for both of them. i find it extra enjoyable too how we'll both hear the fusion of 80s music with the emo/pop hits on the wedding reception !

so later is going to be an all day long affair starting at an 8am call time for our hair and make up and pictorials and video sessions. the wedding mass is at 2pm to be followed by a garden reception till the early evening. there is still another dinner party at both our house and the bride's. and oops, the entire family along with some more relatives and friends will be going swimming the following day, sunday. more food, more party indeed.

cheers to the would-be newly weds. love is grand indeed!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


forgive me father for i have sinned, nanood po kasi ako ng pirated DVD ng Wolverine: x-men origins. oh so sorry, i couldn't help it, malinaw po kasi ang kopya at hindi sine-copy, yung usual na kuha mula sa sinehan at may dumadaan daan pang tao o kaya may maririnig kang tumatawa. sabi ng pamangkin ko, ayos lang daw kahit ganun basta ang naririnig na side comments eh i-slang naman weheheh...well, eto, wala talaga as in parang original DVD sa halagang kuwarenta pesos lamang, saan ka pa!

the catch is, it's still the unedited version. sabi ng brother ko, ninakaw daw ang master copy nito at ito na nga ang naikalat. meron ng mga na upload sa internet pero mas madami nga ang nakopya. talamak na nga talaga piracy sa buong mundo. blame it on the chinese haha!

anyway, back to the movie, ayoko magbigay ng spoilers siyempre sapagkat ninanais ko pa siyang panoorin sa sinehan, kelan ba ito ipapalabas? ang napanood ko ay kita pa ang mga tali ng bida, kita pa yung mga raw computer generated graphics, nung nasagasaan ang isang bida eh parang karton lang yung pinakita. puti pa halos ang mga background, parang black and white drawings lang hehe. yan na nga po ata ang kaparusahan ko, sana naman.

kasama na pala dito si Gambit played by Taylor Kitsch, honestly hindi ko siya kilala. i was thinking of someone more gaunt, of a more sinister actor, oh well.

panoorin ko po siya uli sa sine, pramis.


Friday, April 10, 2009


scenes of Jesus' crucifixion and death never fails to make me cry.
makes me feel as if his pains and sufferings were mine as well.
should be though, especially if we all believe that he
indeed died for us.

i'm glad Studio 23 aired the story of Judas and Jesus, reminds me of
what the holy week should be about or at least what we should reflect on. or
the kind of shows we used to watch back in the day.

when we were a lot younger holy week was observed for the entire week.
no loud music or loud voices, we can't go out of the house, no meat on the table.
there are no other shows on TV except for Bible-inspired shows as The Ten Commandments, Jesus Christ Superstar, etc.

now it's just way too different. there's no meat only on fridays, there's loud music,
endless chatterings and numerous other shows on cable TV plus all the DVDs we could get our hands on. i look forward to 7th Heaven marathons on Studio 23 though. i'd have a hard time ungluing myself in front of the TV once it starts.

it bothers me a bit what kind of holy week tradition Xan can have in his growing years. he has a choice in how he'd want to spend his growing years but it would be nicer if he gets to observe what we had and did then. we didn't exactly enjoyed such limitations as kids but we all appreciate it now that they are mostly gone that we try hard to bring it back.

just this afternoon, after painfully dislodging myself from the marathon, we headed to church for our own Station of the Cross". it was a bit taxing especially since the stations are found around the city streets and we don't exactly know where they are. turned out to be some kind of an Amazing Race minus the race and the clues as to where the next station is. Thus we started with station no. 3 and went through them in no particular order. well as they say, it's the thought that counts eh? and i certainly hope God up there understands.
hey, we did our best!

when we got to church we found more people doing their own stations of the cross inside which was indeed more convenient. i asked my sister why didn't do it there and they told me " para exercise naman!" ahh okay haha!

Xan came home feeling so tired but he seemed to have enjoyed walking around the city
and us mumbling our prayers.

i still hope that somehow we will be able to sustain and feed such traditions even in our own little ways. most often we might forget about what they exactly mean but it is ones faith and the thought of being and having a family that matters the most.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


everything is pretty quiet in my side of the world because i haven't really done much except for spending time with Xan. our day would usually start at around 1 or 2 pm when we'd both wake up. sometimes though he would sleep on longer and i'd read a book or surf or watch mtv while i wait for him. then we'd eat or watch tv some more or go out and walk around the city's streets.

we would stay up till past midnight watching more tv or checking out different fun videos on youtube. he still shrieks like crazy everytime he sees that "whatever kid" and remembered i made his own "whatever vid" years back heheh...

oh, and we went out today for his haircut at his 25-peso barber shop and my boy is just not so little anymore as he sat prim and properly on the high chair. at least he is no longer screaming and squirming like before. way to go, Xan!