Thursday, November 17, 2011

STK, ta bai!!

Cebu, Philippines

I know I have been fed with mostly seafood from my previous trip in Iloilo but I could not help not checking out this place. STK means sugba (grill), tula (broth), kilaw (raw/ceviche), it's a typical fish serving in Cebu and most Visayan cities in which a fish is cut and prepared in three different ways as grilled,  soup and raw or dipped in vinegar like ceviche as appetizers. But apart from fish they also serve other fares us crabs, squid, scallops, and meat and poultry dishes even goats meat.

What adds charm to this place is their interesting  showcase of antique wares and furniture. The restaurant is located in the ancestral house of the Alcovers. From all over the cozy interiors you can find memorabilia and stuff used and kept by their grandparents. This is actually the house where they grew up and still resides and we even saw one of the owners' children running around the restaurant in house clothes, cute!

We had a great time taking snapshots as they allowed us to check out their mini museum with displays of more stuff from the olden times. It's like being transported to a scene in Somewhere in Time or that local movie, Moments of Love. :p

We tried out their fish kinilaw, raw fish in vinegar, several spices and coconut milk as some dressing.

The baked scallops at 130 pesos per order was divine as well.

This crab dish costs 195, good enough to feed 2-4 persons, such a treat!

I loved the place so much i went there twice in my 4 days stay in Cebu, teehee!

STK, ta bai! is at # 6 Orchid St., Capitol Site. Most taxi drivers know about this place though, in fact i first discovered this place through the recommendation of one. Kaon na! ;)