Wednesday, May 25, 2005

star wars mania

i just saw the final (or is it?) installment of the star wars prequel and sad to say i was kinda disappointed with what i saw.

this is after all the same movie (or movies) which i practically grew up to as a kid. though i honestly don't remember most of the scenes except of course for those adorable ewoks and han solo and leia's exchange of "i love you" and "i know", i particularly don't remember this as this cheesy. it focused so much on ani and padme its almost like a telenovela.

ani's reason for turning into the dark side was quite lame for me. i somehow expected of someting more intense, more dramatic a reason for him to turn coat. well, he's still but a kid after all with a weaker willpower and immature moves.

gladly though, a lot of other scenes blew me away esp the opening, i thought i was in rialto or watching some 3d movie in i-max. yoda is always a sight to behold. he is just adorable. i was particularly amused with how obi wan sneaked into the enemy's lair riding this giant tuko and how they chased Gen. Grievious in his Torque-ish vehicle.

watching it somehow reminded me of LOTR. i was actually saying things like "destroy the ring, master frodo" when obi wan and ani was fighting it down amidst the flaming lava. and haven't you noticed how anakin looked more like gollum as he was slowly consumed by the dark force?

acting wise, i only root for ewan mcgregor and samuel jackson and yoda of course...even natalie portman was left in the side lights.. still can't get over her though stripping in Closer. hehehe.

all in all, i view it as just one tragic love story. that even anakin's jedi instints were not able to help him think better and hopefully save padme and his twins. but then of course there won't be any Darth Vader.

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