Tuesday, July 12, 2005

goin gaga over gaiman...

"hi marinela!"

" hi, and pls. say hi to tori for me."

"you're not the first girl to tell me that i should tell her to come and play for the Philippines"

"yeah, you should bring her next time. especially now that you're here."

i guess those were my words when i finally faced my god, neil gaiman, after queuing for like 7 hours in gateway mall yesterday. looking back, i realized how rude i might have sounded. all i blabbered on was tori i just hope he would not have been offended. and yeah, i don't think i even bothered to say thank you. i was fumbling and mumbling then left. my friend kinda told me he was still saying something when i left but then i barely noticed that of course.

what may have been worse was that my friend, Jb, who's another raving tori fan also said the same things like, "Please bring tori amos here!". We we're both aghast later on realizing that we may have sounded inconsiderate at that time. Looking back, we were even envious at those girls who got hugged and kissed or at least had handshakes. Jb was like practicing, "Can i molest you?". We were both aiming for at least a hug or a peck in the cheek or at least "isang kurot lang" and yet we were so starstruck we got nothing at all.

i was just really dumbfounded. i guess i felt so small being near him. i felt like he was my true god i could not even look him straight in the eyes. my, i wasn't even able to touch him when he was just an arm's length away!

heheh, before i continue ranting and raving on let me at least say a bit about gaiman. i first got to know gaiman through his graphic novels/comic books, the Sandman series. i have yet to collect the entire 10 comic books yet so far i only have 4 of them. each comic book would cost about a thousand bucks eh. but he's got his other fantasy novels though as Stardust, Neverwhere, Good Omens, American Gods, to name but a few. i think i have all his books. what added to the thrill and admiration is that he is also closely related to my music goddess, tori amos! i specifically had my "death and the high cost of living" graphic novel signed as it was tori who wrote the introduction.

oh well...when i got home past 9pm i realized how stupid i was for everything that i did and did not do. i could have at least looked and known the color of his eyes or at least told him to enjoy more of the Philippines, as there's more to our country than book signings! man, the guy had been signing for like 5-6 hours nonstop (well he did took a quick cr break as we waited). and to think that was already his 3rd day! i heard he signed for 3000 fans in powerplant the other day. drat, he must be that tired and traumatized with his experience and worse all i said was "say hi to tori for me!" was i thinkin????

haay naku, buti na lng i've a couple of shots and videos shots of him to remind me of my katangahan heheheh....

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  1. hey there saw your site on pex...

    ako din, i had so many things i had in mind that i was supposed to say, but when i saw him writing my name on my Season of Mists book, i was so starstruck i forgot to talk! haha...

    maybe you could send a note at neil gaiman's blog and tell him everything you forgot to tell him face to face hehe...