Tuesday, June 23, 2009

thursday group

*emo mode starts* there's one thing truly comforting in this ultra chaotic world, and that is consistency. consistency in the sense that as we go on, drag our weary bodies each day of our lives to work, there's an event each week that we could look forward to. a time for us to spend time with friends, unwind, pig out, drink, laugh, tell (tall) tales, have fun! *emo mode ends*

the thursday group started a couple of months back in giligan's, makati (i think) by then seemingly bored workmen namely andy, andrea, marc (with a c), and obey.

i was out of town then but i believe they just sort of agreed among themselves to meet each thursday and to call it simply as the thursday group.

when i came back, we started planning it out each week. each time is actually made more exciting by selecting different venues like the fort, ortigas, metrowalk, timog, and makati. and there was an instance too when we went to Meat Shop in Katipunan. we only rotate the selection of the venues as we like it.

we started inviting different personalities. the number of attendees would vary. sometimes it's just about a handful, like 4-5 people or a big family of 12-14. the usual agenda would be dinner/drinks and sometimes coffee. sisig would almost always be present, along with crispy pata, liempo, veggies, buckets and buckets of ice cold beer, and recently, Quattro's bibingka!

there would always be laughters and heavy pointers from some oldies and veterans, naks! and surprisng quips from the younger ones, hihi. what matters most really is that at least in a week, there's one day when we could let loose and enjoy each other's company.

oh yeah, the thursday group could also be held on tuesdays or wednesdays or fridays. fairly flexible indeed. but yep, we still call it the thursday group.

why thursday? because it is andrea's day off, bars are fairly empty on those days, and it also happens to be my favorite group back then when Kuya Germ's That's Entertainment was still around wehehe.


  1. aww... I had the same when I was single, Wednesdays was basketball and badminton night for us AA, after which will be videoke :)

    and either Tuesday or Thursday is the official BU night (I believe it stood for something nasty, hehe)

  2. nice thought no? yun lang, you'd wonder kung hanggang kelan. but then again it's way better to just enjoy and relish it na lang for now. :)