Saturday, April 03, 2010

DIY Holy Week 2010: Black Saturday

nothing much really...fed on corned tuna fried rice with mushrooms, baguio beans, and egg...slept...sufed the net...watched a bit of Brothers and Sisters on Studio 23 and Agua Bendita on Channel 2...ate instant noodles for dinner...and watched American Beauty.

back in the day, i remember how we siblings would sneak out of the house one by one once my mom leaves the house for her church service only to find ourselves meeting up again in our usual hang out area in the city. :p


Black Saturday or Holy Saturday is actually the last day of Lent. this is when we start waiting for Christ's resurrection which is on Easter Sunday. as we wait in anticipation for that wondrous event it is but fitting that we thank Him for not having left us even in our darkest moments.

Thank You for the pains You took
in order to enter the dungeons of our lives.

Thank You for entering
the innermost, darkest chambers
of our dungeons.

Thanks to Your loving self-sacrifice,
now I know that no distance is too great,
no dungeon too dark,
and no sin is too great
for Your love and light.

Help me
to love You back as You deserve.


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