Friday, September 03, 2010

Japan Tales 2

Japan 2010

I don't think I'll ever get tired of this country. I love the vibrance, the electricity of modernization, the mystery of its ancient culture that is still evident till now...

July 17-20, 2010

It was a scorching 32C when i arrived in Osaka, it was past 7pm yet warm air blew in the surroundings. this was the first time that i ever traveled abroad by myself and i felt really excited.


the highlight of this Osaka trip was a visit to their kaiyukan or aquarium. this kaiyukan is located near the Osaka Bay and is composed of 27 tanks and about 16 walk thru exhibits where one gets to see different species of marine and non-aquatic animals.

it was my first time to see live penguins frolicking in some simulated winter environment. they all looked adorably wobbly as they walk, cuddle, and swim around.

It was a national holiday when i went there that there were just so many people around. i found the kids as entertaining though.

Just outside the aquarium is the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, i noticed that they are pretty fond of ferris wheels that you could find one in major areas in the country.

rate to the kaiyukan is 2000 yen or roughly 1000 PhP for adults.

this is a few minutes walk from the Osakako Station and as this is just beside the ferris wheel you won't really miss finding this place.


  1. i passed all requirements this afternoon, hoping to get my Japanese visa real soon for a 9 day trip - the end of the month. Been dreaming about Japan since i was a kid! Cool blog