Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My US Invasion

How i would i even start to blog about everything that took place the last three months? whoa! anyway, here's a quick look at how my sched was:

Nov. 19- left for HKIA aboard Cathay Pacific just right before i watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the day before.

Nov. 20- after a quick stop over at HKIA i had the first breath of American air at the JFK.

Nov. 25- my first Thanksgiving dinner with fellow Pinoys in NYC

Dec. 9- West Lafayette, Indiana

Dec. 16-17- overnight stay and sightseeing in Chicago, Illinois

Dec. 22- trip back to NYC

Dec. 26- First snow day in NYC which intensified into a blizzard!
-overnight trip to Stamford, Connecticut

Jan. 3-5 Washington, DC

Feb. 7-16 West Lafayete, Indiana

Feb. 25 Philippines, my Philippines!

in between those places i was just lazing, couch-potatoing in front of the TV or walking around, pigging out and exploring the streets of New York. Such a grand holiday indeed. I'll come up with more detailed stories soon, hang on tight. ;)

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