Tuesday, September 19, 2006

letting go... letting come...

i've dreamed of you twice this week. twas really weird and so vivid i could still remember my lines till now. i told you "am never happy knowing that you're with someone else" how am i supposed to deal with that?

you've been married almost two years now. and though you live just a short ride away we've never seen each other for such a long time. i've never even seen your daughter who's turning 2 soon. i guess i erased any longing to ever see you again the day you walked the aisle on your wedding day. your dad was relieved in declaring i could finally go on with my life now. but have i? will i?

i just learned that you actually named your daughter alexa, my son is alixandro. i remembered we both got surprised upon knowing that and you told me you're hoping that your alex could someday meet my alix. and i was tempted to retort that yeah, so my son could break your daughter's heart too. my bad. that bad.

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  1. Oh my, is he that guy you talked about the other day? Coincidence on the names! Any more stories of him?