Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i chose you

we were in 3rd year high. i was the usual snobbish elitist girl who didn't care much about boys. i had enough troubles already struggling with staying on top and being the best student and leader. i didn't really get to look around and see who's cute or not.

then you came.

you we're a transferee. apparently you were kicked out from your previous school. my apologies for being blunt.

you came into class not bringing anything except for a small binder. i knew then how carefree you must be. but i stared and followed you and stared. there was something about you. yeah, something so familiar about you.

then our teacher introduced you to us as a transferee. as soon as i heard your name i knew at once who you were. you were a classmate in kindergarten. i had vivid images of you. you were kinda chubby then with straight jet black hair in full bangs. i remember getting a glimpse of you standing at the doorway of your store near our school as the jeep i'm riding on passed by it. i remembered your mom who brought you to school everyday. i remembered that we even had a picture taken then. i remembered you.

i remembered rummaging through my stuff for our photo. after all i was determined to get to know you really well. then i found it, kinda yellowed with age yet there was us. i couldn't help but smile.

come election time, i had you nominated as property custodian. i didn't even exactly knew what it meant but i did just the same. of course you lost, after all no one really knew you well. but at least i got your attention and stared at me a bit too.

then i knew school won't ever be the same way again.

for admittedly, i was smitten.


  1. oh my, kinder pa pala ang beginnings ng love story mo. fate, my dear... imagine, meeting up again in high school.

    so did you guys actually hook up? it was high school after all. there must've been a brief bf-gf stint there somewhere.

  2. Wow, it all started in kindergarten days?? you have so much to share:P

    PS. Yey, there's something new here in this blog. Can't access friendster here. Bawal kasi :(

  3. Grabe naman yan ... kinikilabutan ako ... so what happens next?