Wednesday, December 27, 2006

7 things i wish for 2007

am not so good at keeping resolutions so i'll just list a few wishes for the new year to come.

1. 15,000 miles. i hope to accumulate at least that in my Mabuhay Miles to at least take me to Singapore or wherever. So far I have 12000 plus. Yey!

2. 4 + 1. being the wanderlust that i am i hope i could travel to 4 interesting spots around the country and at least one abroad. don't really care whether it's work related or Pex sabit. waah!

3. 50K. with how much i earn and spend a month i wish to have this modest savings by the end of the year. i wish! i wish!

4. 50% off. i've been maxing my credit cards left and right and the interests i pay every month are just outrageous. i really wish i could just throw them out the window or lock it out for good. sigh.

5. 100 lbs. i really wish to keep my weight down to at least a 100 lbs. am barely 5' it wouldn't look good if i become overweight. that would spell then a regular trip to the gym and not to the kitchen har-har.

6. 100%. someday soon i just want to be a full time mom to my growing bebi Xan. who's really turning into a bebi no more. sniff.

7. The One. hmmm...i don't know how to describe this. i'll just leave it to my Maker. Prays.

Have you any wish too???

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