Wednesday, September 02, 2009

before and after

this used to be our college tambayan. we called it the Gabay hacienda. in the hacienda, we had our own tree, our own faucet, benches and that wide lawn where we could run around like kids. inside the building, we had an entire room to ourselves and would sometimes spill out to the much bigger ASG (Ateneo Science Guild) room causing several conflicts with some of their members.

almost ten years hence, this is what it looks like now. fancier yeah, but it's not ours anymore. the tree is still there but the tambayan has been transferred to one of the rooms in the upper floors. i heard they share one pitiful room with 2 or three other orgs. which explains why they now have a Tambay Week, that lone week during the entire school year when they can have the room all to themselves, yay!

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