Monday, September 14, 2009

facebook is killing my bloglife!

OMG, no!!!!

i noticed that eversince i signed up with facebook my blogposts came in trickles. since instant updates, "what's on your mind" posts are pretty easy to do on our facebook walls anyway, composing an entire blogpost became quite a bit taxing.

nakakatamad na din.

but no, i realized too that these instant/quick/short statements are bad for our literary health after all. composing a meaningful paragraph became so hard to do. what more for an entire composition, an entire entry. yikes!


which is why i find it advantageous that i was able to sign up for an online writing job at odesk. well, it's not paying so well for now but at least my prolonged stay in front of the laptop is now a bit justified. not to mention that i get to practice and still keep in touch with my literati self. yey!


a few days ago i woke up with some debilitating pain on my left lower abdominal area and some warm jabs on my left back. i was so scared i sent a message to our office secretary that i might need to go see the doctor. she sort of panicked and wanted to pick me up. i panicked too that i felt faint and felt more fear wondering what it could be. i told her i wanted to rest and relax first. it was still about 9am and still not beyond my usual bedtime. i felt like maybe i just needed more sleep. but the pain on my sides was quite nagging.

i slowly moved about, showered, waxed my armpits, changed to nice underwears. hey, i didn't want to be physically examined unprepared! i tidied my place up a bit and even thought of packing some clothes just in case i needed to be admitted to the hospital. i decided against it thinking i did not want to carry extra stuff. and i wanted to continue thinking positively that this is just my body being KSP and there's no big enough problem really.

i was able to see the doctor somehow, was examined, had a few tests done. oh believe me, picking a sample of my own excrement made feel more sick. oh sorry, TMI! hehehe...

tests showed negative for any issues. the doctor told me to observe the pain and to keep her updated with whatever. she prescribed painkillers which i only took once, i'm masochistic after all. bring on the pain, yee-haw!

i'm feeling way better now. must be the coffee, or the chocolates or the milk i drink each night. or maybe the oily fastfood meals i've been having the past days. who knows? it may even be just psychosomatic.

i hope to go see more doctors though. i'll just have to rest for now.

i miss traveling na kasi!!!!!


see? even this post is now fragmented. oh well. happy monday!


  1. i decided to have a break from the Net during the weekend and went for reading. it was a very hard thing to do - to be off from the net totally. but i managed. looking forward to do the same next weekend.

    happy monday to you too lang and good to hear everything's ok with the check up.

  2. wow, good for you. i don't think i could take such break unless i don't really have a choice like no connection perhaps hehe.

    but yeah, i could still read a book or watch a movie and just check online once in a while when i really want to.

    thanks Carol and have a great week too!