Saturday, May 29, 2010

extreme bicol!

May 21-27, 2010

Day 1:

work somehow led me to this exotic province and i never thought i could truly enjoy it once more, after all it's been 5 years or so when i last visited the place.

our first stop was in Naga where i was already psyched up with their gastronomic delights. thus after a quick visit to the Penafrancia Basilica, we took off to Ice Blink for their much talked about cheesy halo-halo.

Day 2:

the following day, we went early towards CWC or the Camsur Watersports Complex. although it is specifically designed for wakeboarding and waterskiing, we were not really able to try it out since there were just so many people queuing for the said activity that we contented ourselves with playing and hurdling the extra challenging flotation devices at the nearby Lago Del Ray and their kayak.

for the basics:

* taxi ride to and from the city center up to CWC is 250 per way
* we paid 200 pesos each for the half day (4 and 1/2 hours) at Lago del Ray
* tent is at 200 which can be shared by the group.
*kayak is at 100 pesos per hour.

Day 3:

had to work the entire day but we also managed to squeeze in food trips and ukay shopping in between. i actually got to buy 3 pairs of branded swimsuits at some sidewalk for 200 pesos a pair, and they are all brand new!

and yes, i finally, finally had a photo taken at Ateneo de Naga!

Day 4:

went to Daet to do some more business but also gave time to check out Bagasbas Beach. Daet is about 2 hours off some winding road from Naga and Bagasbas Beach is just about a good 10-15 minutes from the town proper. we managed to finish our interviews and got to check out the beach.

it was a bit inviting alright but there wasn't any facilities for shower or even some make shift changing area so we didn't bother swimming there anymore. we went to take a dip at the nearby pool resort though if only to cool down a bit but from the sweltering Bicol sun.

Day 5:

our last stop was in Legazpi City which is about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Naga. after resting for a while from the trip, we rented a tricycle for 400 pesos to take us to Cagsawa Ruins and Lingnon Hill. we were blessed with a real clear view of the majestic Mt. Mayon and had a great time taking photos with the help of kids offering their services with the many camera tricks that they have learned.

and i got to try the zipline too for 200!!

Day 6:

after wrapping up with work, we finally flew back home still bearing silly grins on our faces for having had so much fun.

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