Thursday, June 03, 2010

extreme food trip (Bicol 2010)

this is how i torture myself, reminisce on the foods i once pigged out on during my travels and hope it will motivate me to go on diet so i can indulge once more when i am out of town again.

The extreme burger from Bigg's, i love this more than McDonald's Big Mac burger.

Ice Blink's cheesy halo-halo, they say that the secret to it's unique creamy taste aside from the cheese topping is the buco ice water. i heard there's an Ice Blink now at SM North? *teehee*

kinunot, we bought this from some sidewalk carenderia which costs just about 25 pesos. it is made of shark's meat but sometimes it is made of sting ray's meat, i forgot to ask what this is. baka ordinary isda lang. :p

Bicol Express consists of minced meat, shrimp paste, some coconut milk and a lot of chili for that extreme kick.

Cena Una- One of our interviewees owns this place. It's an ancestral home which they have converted into some fine dining resto. Proceeds to the restaurant goes to their foundation which sponsors feeding programs to the nearby towns around Bicol.

whatta feast!

fish fillet in creamy mushroom sauce

chicken rosemary

ahhhh, i miss this! Laing pasta, fetuccine noodles with gabi leaves, coconut cream and a lot of spice, yum!

Dessert: opera cake...i could'n quite describe it. it's some cake with a little bit of crunch and a lot of cream and subtle sweetness.

squid in coconut milk from Sibid-sibid...this order took forever to arrive but it was all worth it.

and here's saving the best for last, chili ice cream from Colonial Grill at Gaisano Pacific Mall in Legazpi City. it's sweet and cold and creamy till you'd feel the burst of its spiciness down your throat. it's some kinda experience indeed! hehehehe....

okay, chow! i'll have more in my next trips!

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