Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm just a girl in the world!

I went on a shoe shopping spree with my officemates last weekend at Paseo in Sta Rosa Laguna, please don't ask me how to get there because I was half asleep during our travel. We left quite early that morning and well, it was a weekend. But I could not bear the chance to pass this trip up since the prospect of being able to buy shoes was just too enticing. 

So yes, here's what I got...Charles and Keith for 799.00!

Everytime I'd pass by Gateway in Cubao I'd always drop by their store and drool on their shoes. But I always find it too expensive with prices ranging from 1799.00 to 2799.00, yes I'm stingy! And well yes, I am poor! So imagine my delight when I found this. There were a lot of other styles there and sale prices were from 599 to 999, dirt-cheap eh!

And then we went to Payless, my that's another story hihi!

Shoes were on sale from 20% off to just 200.00 pesos!

I got this, it's a chocolate brown Fioni sandals...(P200.00)

and this, some Gladiator-looking sandals (or is that what they still call it?). It's a half size bigger, because there are no other stocks with my size but it still looks alright. Or I can opt to give this to my mom.

This one is my best find even though it's not on sale. But hey, it's red and velvety and very comfortable I could run away with it hehe :P

I love, love, love my new pairs shoes.

So i guess I'd go shop again next year. :p


  1. I love the red ones. Bakit ang mura ng payless dyan? dito ang mahal ranging from 30-40 dollars :(