Thursday, February 09, 2012

That long arduous road to being slim again...:p

About 4 years ago i was this slim, kinda toned arms and legs, minimal almost non existent love handles. But i got too complacent, i learned to love food. I was once "takaw-tingin" but later became plain "matakaw" that i gained more pounds.

When i went to the US 2 years ago, i felt the added weight was necessary for better er, insulation. And we all know what a lot of American food does to our body, ey!

And so the added poundage accumulated, got comfortably stuck on my thighs, my butt, my arms as if it never wanted to go anywhere else.

I am barely 5 feet, i was about 100 lbs then it became 115, then 119, eek!

The heaviest I've been was about 130 but I was then carrying my son full term. :p

November, 2011 I was about 113 pounds so i decided it's time to really do something about it.

But of course, I waited for the long holidays to be over.

About two weeks ago, first week of February I decided to just kick the habit of overeating and do something with my voracious appetite, rawr!

I had to eat smaller portions and cut my rice intake to a maximum of a just half cup per day. I substituted it with wheat bread and lettuce and tomatoes and light mayo, just because i can't live without any dressing for my sandwich. And then i learned to appreciate wheat pasta.

I try hard to stay away from soft drinks even bottled juice.

I'm learning to eat a lot of bananas and papaya and apples.

Fairly recently I started taking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water each morning.

So far I've lost 3 pounds already, ah well it has only been 2 weeks.

And I know I should go out and jog once again.

Meanwhile, I wanna take my own sweet time and concentrate on eating less but healthier food.

But oops, I still have my cheat day Thursdays, teehee! Good luck to me then.

I'll definitely keep you posted.  ;)


  1. I tried dieting but it doesn't really work for me. Maybe I'll go back to Zumba...soon. ;)

  2. Good luck. :) It's easier than what other people think. And oh, I don't wanna discourage you or anything but cheat day doesn't work.

  3. slowly but surely lang, ayoko din ng sobrang magutom haha. but at the same time i don't like it when all my clothes seem to be shrinking na lol. thanks, ladies. :)