Monday, November 13, 2006

youthful madness

read: kakornihan

i chanced upon my high school slumbook while i was rummaging thru my stuffs in my old room. yes, buhay pa sya! it's been almost 15 years and you know, things just came rushing back once i opened up the book i haven't really seen in ages.

anyway, here's a few snippets of our kakornihan:

nah, forget it. it's just too childish and girly. i couldn't believe i actually wrote them hahahaha!!!

just to give you some clues though, i wrote about him as my "candle in the dark" and had our names combined and became DANEL. our song was To Be with You.

then with my first boylet, our names became LANCE. His song for me was Bakit labis kitang Mahal (wahahaha!)

an old classmate of mine called me her "rival in everything" as she was my closest competition in class, and her crush turned out to have a crush on me. (wattalyf!)

there were inserts of pictures and doodles and poems and quotes, song lyrics, etc.

sigh. i miss high school.

(i'll post pics soon as my cp is getting way too slow to load)

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