Friday, May 02, 2008

cubao x files

close friends back in college know i have this aversion for cubao. i've always thought of it as the haven not just for the jologs crowd then but for snatchers, hold uppers, hookers and every one who's considered as mga halang ang kaluluwa.

and i don't know, everytime i've to pass by cubao even at different times, i'd feel the need to hurry up and just get past it as quickly as i can. i'd feel that something bad would happen to me if i linger long enough.

imagine how revolted my friends were when they learned that the blind date they set up for me one valentine years ago actually took me to cubao. bwahehehehe...but oops, i'm not gonna expound on that story anymore.

but of course that was eons ago. cubao has definitely gotten a great make over especially with the construction of the gateway mall, shopwise and the renovation of Ali Mall. the new cubao is now as fancy as fancy could get, at least on some areas at least. gone were the days when i'd have to pant like crazy as if someone is stalking me whenever i'd drop by the place. now i could at least laze away, sashay and just enjoy the new place which is cubao.

yesterday, i grabbed the chance to explore cubao once more, particularly the now artsy cubao x. i was wishing i could be joined by friends as i really needed some company then but well, oh well. i ended up walking around the place by my lonesome and was gonna take pics of the new araneta center but was stopped by a guard as all of it is private property daw and i could be filed a case against intellectual property rights for snapping away. hmpf! KJ!

so i got to cubao x, t'was a bit early for the usual crowd i guess as most of the shops were still closed and only but a few people trickled in. i managed to take a few pics though, when the guards were not watching hehe...i just didn't feel like being reprimanded again.

i've to say that with more interesting shops, this could very well pass up as some artsy-bitsy enclave.

there will be a garage sale/bazaar this May 3 and 17 and i'm really hoping i could go back there for the great finds.

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