Friday, May 09, 2008

toying with uncertainty

the past days, even weeks has been quite too gruelling for me what with all the waiting for some document which could finally kick off our project.

i honestly don't want to rant anymore. i feel like i've exhausted all my anxieties already which is almost comparable to waiting for one's period which might never come.

oops, of course i'm not saying that it will never come but with all these energy news floating around i wouldn't be too surprised. and it has been months. and am not so good with waiting. there is still that littlest part of me though that wants to continue hoping but right now i just want to expect whatever.

so maybe i'll just have to wake up one of these days without a job. what if? what if?

who knows, right?

yeah, i've been wanting to leave this job but am just too lazy to do anything about it. maybe i'm just waiting for some stronger force to kick myself off from where i'm currently, stubbornly embedded.

maybe i should finally update my resume now. gawd, i don't even know what to put in it anymore.

oh well, i still have another week to hope, and to mope, and to wait again.


P.S. to everyone who's been affected by my own "feeling vulnerable and all too sensitive" nature, my apologies. i hope you could bear with me for another week or so. mwah-mwah!

P.P.S. there's another tiny pimple on my nose. ahihihi.

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