Friday, May 23, 2008


...of every kind is never fun.

it's been a week straight since i've stayed home minus any internet connection. and it's just extra hard. i could connect to ym via my celphone but it's an entirely different thing. most often i would wake up in the middle of the night wondering what's new in cyberspace haha! pathetic but yeah, it is totally true.

my only solace is that it's been raining hard almost everyday and sleep is such a wonderful respite. the thing is, i've been sleeping till mid day almost everyday and it's wreaking havoc on my stomach naman. i don't have any food at home yet, by the time i get to the office i'd be too hungry to eat. i have to take smaller portions of my meal each day and most often i would have to force food down my throat. it's like being in college all over again with my ever present hyperacidity. haaay, this needs to change. i need to gain back my appetite real quick. my bones are slowly sticking out and i don't really enjoy losing weight this way.

and i miss my friends. i miss not being able to keep in touch with them all day, all night. i'd hear of sad stories once in a while and it makes me feel uncomfortable not being around when i feel they need me most. oh well. i feel though that they are strong enough to weather whatever storms that come their way. but then again i'm always just a text or an offline message away anyway.

i'm off to cebu this weekend yi-ha! finally! i'm taking Xan and my mom with me for some much needed QT. i'm really just hoping that i'll be blessed with some sun on those days.

and Tsak is finally home! too bad his first week has to be spent on one errand after another amidst jetlag and adjustments with this hot/humid weather. i'm hoping things will settle down a bit soon and he could finally enjoy his much needed vacation.

Change is indeed inevitable, just don't make it too abrupt otherwise the nasty effects of withdrawal symptoms could be ravishing. i'm not enjoying it too much. it could actually become stressfull. my hyperactive stomach seems to be carrying all the weight of all these flurries. slowly but surely, i hope to get used to it. little by little, piecemeal changes is indeed the better way to go.


  1. Hi Lang! That's the reason why I haven't heard from you lately. You've no internet connection pala. At least you'll spend time with Xan soon and yey for you and Tsak. I got a tag for you btw, when you get the time. =)

  2. thanks, daiz...sige, will do that when i have the time. =)