Tuesday, June 17, 2008


akalain nyo, sumasampung taon na din pala ako dito sa trabaho ko. waaah!

it just dawned on me how i must have "wasted" away all ten years being holed up where i am. looking back though, ten years, 6 countries, country-wide tours, hundreds of lives touched and recognized, with Xan in between isn't really so bad after all.

just that for some reason i still feel sad. empty. unfulfilled.

i still feel that a part of me should be somewhere else. doing something else.

haay, i've got all the travel perks, the luxury of coming to work no matter what time i'd wish to come. do whatever i want in my own sweet time. there's not enough monetary gains involved but it really shouldn't matter that much eh?

ten years, whoa! so what and where i am now after all those ten years???

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