Tuesday, June 24, 2008

when some trips are not to be meant as vacations

...but an eyeopener, there's really no room for ranting. the 2-hour bus ride from Tacloban to Ormoc made me think about a lot of things that has been going on.

i've been here a couple of days and it's but sad that i got here right after typhoon frank struck the country. i've seen how a lot of trees were uprooted in ateneo, how a lot of branches were still scattered all over the streets right before i left. but that was nothing compared to the shanties, the ricefields, the tall trees ravaged by the typhoon here in Leyte.

at least, the most these uprooted trees in the ateneo is litter the streets, or made us sad for the trees we've had around for a long time. but these ravages in leyte tell us that lives and livelihoods have been lost as well.

this makes me think of the past days when i've been wanting to scream unfair to the people who i felt have done me wrong. of how i felt i was neglected or taken for granted. i am reminded that each person has their own needs and priorities. that i am not really the center of the world. besides, i am special already, i need not be treated more special anymore, right?
i am reminded that there really is more to life than thinking of our own needs and caprices. sometimes it really is best to give back to the world once in a while.

i was jolted from my reverie when a bucket of water was splashed on our faces. i wanted to scream bloody murder but i realized that it's the feast of St. John the Baptist and here in the provinces, water splashing is still custom. i could not help but just welcome it and thank them in a way for giving life to my otherwise boring, depressing trip.

life indeed goes on in this part of the world. storms come and go but we should not really take it as some hindrance to continue smiling, celebrating life. oh well, i'm getting a bit mushy i need to back off already.

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