Friday, March 06, 2009

farewell, francis m.

okay, i'm being FC here.

but i've always adored the man not just as an artist but more as a family man. i used to see him often when they still lived near Torres Bldg. here in Katipunan. I used to see Maxene then as a grade schooler with her younger brother scouring Shoppersville with a grocery list in hand and picking up goodies.

I'd see his wife Pia, walking carefree along the streets nearby. They have always been simple and friendly. and I've admired more of him being the main man in the family. They must have been the most unassuming showbiz family I've seen around. Beautiful, beautiful kids too.

i'm just sad. really sad. i remember including him in my prayers when i heard about his ailment. haay.


  1. Its sad to know that we lost another great artist... People will surely gonna miss him a lot.

  2. oo nga, so sad. :(