Friday, March 20, 2009

first love never dies

wolfgang: two sides live

music museum

mar. 19, 2009

now i know why i wasn't at the eheads concert, because i was meant to be here!

my initiation into manila's band scene was when we'd bar hop at some of the old jaunts in makati ave. particularly at Kalye and Atrium, i was then a freshman and a fresh promdi as well.

that was where i'd get to meet my first love, basti artadi, yihee!

i was so in love with the vocals, with the music, with the band.

and that was more than 10 years ago, aww and they were virtually unknowns then. as i got introduced to more of the manila sound, and the rigors of school and more of urban living i must have strayed away from the band and sort of forgotten about them. silly me.

i have heard about their reunion and latest activities months ago but never really gave it much of a thought till a friend sent me some mp3s and reminded me of what i must have been missing.

i don't know what you'd call it but it's like being reminded of how i once was, young and carefree and vibrant but pensive and soulful.

i was glad i went there tonight. it felt good listening to, screaming with, and experiencing wolfgang once more.

it's like coming home.

i just feel so envious for the audience who's never left basti's side thus memorizing each line from all of their songs. i wanted to sing along with them too. oh well.

thanks, andrea for the free tickets.

now i'm feeling even more nostalgic. buti na lang binili ko iyung cd. hihi.

i took basti home with me. yi-ha!

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