Friday, October 02, 2009

what to save?

i am currently staring at the stuff scattered around my room. i realize i have indeed accumulated a good number of things since my stay here last year. to think i have already lost and discarded more of my things from the many instances when i had to move from one place to another. after all, i must have moved homes more than 5 times for the past 16 years since i first came here in Manila (which also means i've been living here like half my life hmmm..)

i've been reading a lot about disaster preparedness lately. been trying to make a checklist as to what i should store and keep handy around the house in case an emergency arises. i realize i don't have a flashlight nor a candle. i don't have extra container/s for water in case the service is disrupted. i have enough food somehow to last me a few days. heck, i've been eating several times a day just to curb the nervousness and fear (yeah right!).

i have given already bagfuls of my clothes to charity. some of those items i'd have to close my eyes and not think twice before i chuck them into those bags. i thought i have given away most of my clothes back then to my nieces anyway. i have even had garage sales with some close friends before. purging one's closet can actually be cathartic. and yeah, it gives me the excuse to buy some more in case i'll once again have the urge to shop.

Typhoon Ondoy has become such an eye opener for most of us. it isn't just about the idea of mortality but also on how we hold on to our possessions. and how we've focused more on the finer things in life and neglecting the necessities.

exactly a week ago, i have been talking with friends and making plans on the parties, the events we could go to. fast forward to a couple of days ago, i could not even bring myself to go out and drink even with just the prospect of being able to meet up and hang out with friends. i was also contemplating on getting more stuff for my tiny home. more linens, an additional furniture perhaps. but such idea is so remote right now.

so what do i need to save in case i do need to evacuate in a flash? (God forbid!)

I don't know really.

must be my laptop (mostly because it's not mine). it conveniently contains most of my files.

my passport and all my other identification cards perhaps.

my cellphone and charger.

a few clothes.

my books! but they all seem so heavy.

oh wow, i don't know.

i just wish i won't have to be confronted with such a predicament ever.

i cannot possibly keep on buying anymore stuff. i won't be able to take them all with me anyway when the need arises.

i grieve for the people out there who just lost everything so quickly. some of them have been accumulated and saved for for years on end. maybe we should just stick to the basics and not have to spend so much on luxuries and everything else that are deemed disposable.

i really don't know. but i do know that as long as i will be able to save myself then i should be alright.

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