Saturday, October 31, 2009

corned tuna

finally got to taste this latest craze. i've heard about it for months now it's just that i could not get hold of any stock in the nearest groceries not even in 7-11 or mini stop. i had to buy these at the supermarket in Megamall.

Century Corned Tuna is more solid, with little oil and has its usual pale color.

San Marino, the newer band, is more flaky and oily. it's saltier too. i dunno what's up with its reddish color? must be because it is full of love as modeled by the hot couple Dingdong and Marian? hehehe...

i'm not much a fan of corned beef but for this one i'd probably buy Century corned tuna again, and again. it tastes much better for me compared to San Marino. it's almost like tuna sisig.


  1. IKR. kaka-adik nga ang century corned tuna :) i got a taste of san marino and i still prefer century.

    the fact na pahirapan pang mahanap ngun ang century corned tuna sa mga supermarkets dito sa amin sa makati only adds "sabik" factor sa akin lol

  2. Anonymous1:33 AM

    sarap ng san marino corned tuna, especially the chili version!

  3. michelle3:02 PM

    grabe nauubos ang mga corned tuna sa supermarket. isa nako sa mga umuubos pero century lang ang binibili ko (both plain at chili). mas at ease ako kumain ng century since hindi sya maalat and natural yung color.