Friday, October 09, 2009

waiting for the purple summer

I was able to catch another Tony award-winning musical at the RCBC Plaza last Friday, Oct. 9. Atlantis Productions' The Spring Awakening introduced me to another star-crossed lovers Melchior and Wendla. Set in the late 19th century Germany, these teenagers tackle issues on puberty and their raging hormones amidst repressions in the society.

it is particularly interesting to note that Duncan Sheik composed most of the songs here giving it some pop rock feel.

Joachin Valdez and Kelly Latti stars as Melchior and Wendla who both shine in their roles. i am amazed at how melodic and youthful their voices are. it particularly disappointed me though that Jet Pangan was not given a solo but i got impressed upon hearing that Sitti Navarro could actually sing and it doesn't sound bossa!

there is some bit of nudity and vulgar language amidst all the innocence and naivete. it is sweet and angst-y at the same time, gloomy yet hopeful too.

The earth will wave with corn
The gray-fly choir will mourn
And mares will neigh
With stallions that they mate
Foals they've borne

And all shall know the wonder
I will sing the song of purple summer

The show will run until Oct. 18. For tickets and more information, call Atlantis Productions at (632) 892-7078 or 840-1187. You may also visit .

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