Monday, November 15, 2010

Island-hopping at El Nido

it rained the past days so i deem it such a blessing when we were greeted by warm sunshine that morning, just perfect for our scheduled island tour. it was Mang Sonny who introduced us to Mang Jun, a fellow Cebuano who became more enthusiastic upon learning we speak the same dialect.

we set off at around 9am and proceeded to our packaged tour A which supposedly include Payong-Payong Beach, Shimizu, Miniloc, Secret Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon and 7 Commando Beach.

our first stop was in Payong-Payong Beach, whoa! sand was so fine, waters azure blue and it was deserted we had it all to ourselves that we had a grand time clicking away and frolic in the sun.

after reminding everyone that it was only our first stop, we headed to our next destination. we anchored near Shimizu Beach for snorkeling and fish feeding. indeed, fishes abound in the area and they are as cam whores as we are too!

for our lunch, Mang Jun took us instead to Snake Is. which is supposedly part of Tour B. He said the sand bar would be more interesting and we could trek towards the view deck for a better view of the surroundings as well. we took more photos, took a dip while Mang Jun prepared our lunch.

lunch was composed of grilled fish and pork, crabs and some vegetable salad. yum! Mang Jun does know how to prepare an island feast!

and that is the breath-taking view from the view deck. the hues of greens and blues are totally relaxing even if the sun was shining down brightly on us.

from Snake island, our next destination was the Secret Lagoon.

and here's the entry to the secret

our final two stops were the Small Lagoon and the Big lagoon.

we finished with the tour at around 5PM totally exhausted but sated. El Nido is indeed gorgeous and everything there makes us feel we are truly in paradise.

(Tour cost is 500PhP including the snorkeling gear and meals.)


  1. lhotte2:26 PM

    Hi would like to contact your boatman, what is the cp no.of Mang Jun? thnks

  2. Hi, I'm afraid I don't have his number anymore but we got him through Marina Garden, where we stayed. :)