Sunday, November 07, 2010

panic mode!

i'm in a sort of panic mode as i write this. it is after all the final hour for NU 107, the radio station that rocked not just our country but my young life as well. yes, i was one of those who'd leave their radio on and tuned in to NU even as i sleep. it was a comforting companion as i battle homesickness being far away from home during my adolescent years.

and more than 10 years hence, and even if i have missed listening to the radio as i faced my more mature life i sort of rediscover listening to it again via their online live stream. and it felt like coming back home as i get to listen again to the songs i've grown up with. the songs from the cassette tapes i have accumulated through the years which remained kept and mildewed somewhere became fresher and more recent as we get to listen to them again on air.

argh, the final hour! it's like slowly saying goodbye to our youth! it's like saying goodbye to all the memories most especially during our grung-y years (now more currently known as emo c'mon, let's face it, guys! ):p

i guess we'll just have to face the fact that our golden generation has passed and it's now the younger ones turn to enjoy their slot of the airwaves perhaps?

ah, well...let me just relish this till all i hear is white noise by the time this day is over. farewell, NU.

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