Monday, November 15, 2010

The Road To El Nido

i can't sugarcoat it, the drive towards El Nido is indeed rough, though the first 4 hours or so ride is smooth it could get dizzying at times because the roads are winding.

it didn't help much that it was raining during our trip.

i took bonamine and though i fell asleep on the first few hours i was jolted off from sleep because of the sudden twist and turns.

on the last 2 hours of the trip that's when the roads became really bad. parang nangangabayo ka lang. especially for me who was seated on the rear most part of the van.

but i had great company, we slept, ate a lot, we had chips and hopia and asado, and pianonos bought from Baker's Hill. we'd sing, dance to 80's music playing in Mang Sonny's stereo.

and when we finally got to El Nido this is what we saw:

the beach looks so calm, serene, inviting. the trip is just worth it!

we left Puerto Princesa at around 11am, had lunch at Roxas and arrived El Nido at past 5pm. so yeah, the trip takes around 6 hours.

Please contact Mang Sonny: 0926-5732031 if in case you'd want to go there and need a van.

our roundtrip van rental was P12,000.00, when we got to PP airport, some ladies there are offering van rentals for 12k one way.

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