Friday, April 25, 2008


thanks to mommy haze who gave me this link about some nivea online contest which i just answered on one of my lull moments. as i did get the prize yi-ha! the funny thing is i couldn't access the website anymore when it was where i got to answer the promo quiz in the first place. if i remember well, we only had to submit a picture of a celebrity that we look up to and justify on what makes that celebrity impressionable. i sent a very much preggy photo of Heidi Klum for not only being a supermodel but a supermom and a super wifey to Seal as well. with that i got these!:

from their Summit office, i search the stores again for my ever elusive itim na balde hehehe...but to no avail still. so i boarded the bus and hopped off at the nepa Q mart and lo and behold there was an array of baldes in all colors and sizes and with black ones of course. and it was sold for only fifty pesos hahaha! so here it is finally!

and these are its bathmates

i also got a few rugs for 20 pesos a piece and a curtain set for 180 pesos. i'll definitely go back there for more of my houseware needs. yey!

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