Friday, July 11, 2008

freedom to commute

I’ve to say I’m not really a commuter. I’ve lived and worked here in Katipunan eversince I relocated here more than ten years ago. The nearest I could go to safely by jeep must be in Cubao hehe…the rest, I’d just easily hail and hop on some cab to take me wherever. Yup, I’ve been called by my close friends as their resident “taxi girl”.

LRTs and MRTs have changed my life a bit when they were still new and exciting but I went back to patronizing the ever convenient and reliable taxi cabs after a while.

But with this frequent fuel increases and the taxi drivers getting more and more masungit and mataray every minute I just can’t help but scramble for the better alternatives. Thus today, when my sister asked me for an errand to the Intramuros, I just thought of buying myself store valued tickets for both the lrt2 purple line and the mrt. Oh well, it will expire in 6 months and I’m supposed to be able to have one more free ride before consumption. Not that I’m supposed to be regularly commuting to the places plied by these trains anyway, at least I’ll have them handy whenever we need to go to Gateway or to Ayala or to watch eigai sai in Shangrila or just have some siomai in Jenn’s place in Shaw, yey!

Sana lang 24 hours na sila for the nocturnal people like us. It must really be fun!

I dunno up to when I’d be able to sustain this vigor to commute once more. I remember I stopped taking taxis for a while too when they raised the flag down rate from P25 to P30. And I’m here I am now vowing to lessen my taxi rides with the impending raise of its flag down from P30 to P40 this time. Let’s see, let’s see.


  1. Hehe, taxi girl ka pala. Ang mahal na nga ng gas. I heard it's over 60 per liter there. Namomroblema nga ako kasi never ko pinagcommute si Riel unless coding yung car ko.

  2. hehe kaya as much as possible ayoko ng gimik in makati kse almost 2oo na ang taxi! :D