Monday, July 21, 2008

in memoriam

yeah, sorry but i fell asleep on some parts of Dark Knight but it was more because i barely had sleep during our Manila-Baguio trip and we just dropped by SM Baguio when the rains got so hard that we couldn't go anywhere else to sightsee.

but i did remember almost wanting to cry during that scene when Joker (Heath Ledger) was being interrogated in the precinct. he just acted so well i felt so sad he's actually gone. i realized how it great it must be if we could still see more of his prowess.

we could only wonder what characters he could still portray so well and carve out a better niche for himself.

his images reminded me of another fallen hero i've grown to love as well, Bruce Lee's only son Brandon Lee who portrayed Eric Draven in one of the movies of The Crow. Like his father and Heath Ledger, he too met some untimely death when they were on the prime of their careers.

midway through the movie, i sent a text message to my sister that i'd want The Crow's poster back so i can have it in my room. The poster has been given to me by a college friend back in the 90s and i suddenly missed it so bad. i vow to watch my dvd again soon when i have the time, if only to recall the poetry, the morbidity of it all.

and yes, i still have to watch Dark Knight one more time so i can actually appreciate it in full.

to our fallen heroes, so long....

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