Monday, July 07, 2008


i had initial misgivings about watching this game, after all it's been years since i saw one live. and in those few games that i've seen our team has always lost. i've thought that watching our team losing over and over again has told me to just stop watching it live. there's more comfort in watching it on tv anyway with replays and comments most especially about technicalities and all. yeah right!

and it did came into my mind that i might have some jinx somewhere that should stop me from watching anymore of this game.

but i thought i'd give it a try one more time. after all it's been years and hopefully such jinx has waned a bit hehehe.

back home my brother was also watching and i asked him to let Xan wear his blue jersey and to send me his pic which he did. some desperate attempt?

all through out the game i guess i just drank the heady feeling of being in a coliseum-full of basketball fanatics cheering for their respective teams. i'm no basketball junkie. i don't really know the technicalities, all i'd note is on who's holding the ball, which court each shot takes place, and who's the current hottie player wehehe...

but the feeling of being a mere speck of hopeful amidst the sea of blue and green fanatics can be overwhelming. i've only been an atenean for 4 years yet i feel that i will be for the rest of my life. i look around and i see middle aged spectators still beaming that same smile, same pride they must have had years and years ago when they were in their youth. it's just amazing really, and i can't blame them, look what i'm doing to Xan!

and yes, there's always half-time! nothing beats the exhilaration too of watching and being able to cheer with our team. too bad i don't know some cheers already.

i was praying over and over again for our boys not to let us down this time. not only for myself but for the man with me who is only able to watch this game once a year if his sked permits and who i was hoping will change my personal history with these games.

and thanks to chris tiu, we actually got it! i finally realized we could actually win this game after the other team's misses and Tiu's frequent attempts at the free-throws. with each second ticking and each point counted i finally felt the sense of sweet, awesome victory.

forgive the drama but i realized i miss singing our school hymn for once. the feeling is totally overwhelming. there are no words to describe it. and there's more vigor in singing it when we've actually won the game.


  1. awwww.. nakakatuwa nga manood ng live.. sayang, naubusan lng ng ticket kaya sa tv nlng.. o well..

    indi na rin tyo nagkita.. see u soon ;)

  2. sayang nga, next time, next time! =)