Thursday, September 04, 2008

good old bacolod

i've always loved this place. i once said to myself that i don't mind relocating and living here for good. its local charms, its serenity has always made me feel at home and at peace. it helps a lot too that my father came from the area. most of my relatives are still here enjoying their own piece of heaven.

bacolod will initially strike you as some lazy, all too laidback town. you'll notice people milling around the streets, in the malls, or lazing in cafes and restos scattered all over the city. don't get me wrong though, most of them are actually successful and are enjoying flourishing careers. just that they must be the most un-flurried people i've ever known. they do take pains in dressing up though before they go out. thus you'll see a lot of really well-dressed people sipping coffee or just walking around.

a historian pretty much told me that this is much influenced by the cultivation of the sugarcane industry from way, way back. sugarcanes are known to be planted and harvested only once a year, the rest of the year most of the people spend their time waiting, playing mahjong, hanging out while waiting for the next planting and/or harvest season.

it also has the freshest seafoods and the most ornate, complicated servings of breads and pastries of all sort of shapes and sizes and varieties. haaay, bacolod is one gastronomic haven on its own.

and one of the thing that endears me the most is the musicality of their dialect. too bad my dad, didn't live long enough for us to learn how to speak hiligaynon. but its sound has always been to malambing, so nice to hear.

i will always come back to this town. i will continue loving it and its people no matter what.

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