Saturday, September 06, 2008

one semi-charmed night

it was a pretty crazy night, i knew there was going to be the longest bar for the Guinness book of world records but i didn't expect it was that long. it was only about 7pm and there were a lot of people already. there were still some vacant tables near the Lourdes Ave. entrance but we were there for Third Eye Blind which we heard was gonna play at the last of the four stages. I was glad I was with friends who had the same 3EB enthusiasm as i got. we trudged on indeed to the frontmost part of the longest bar which was already at the corner of J. Vargas and Ortigas. that was quite a long walk and a lot of elbowing and sniffing of grilled foods and peoples' sweats haha!

3EB came out only at past midnight, i was a bit tired already after having wrestled for some seats at the nearest table we could find. nope, we didn't make it to 1500 crowd nor the 300 crowd. after all we only got the 120 tickets for free so we could not really complain. i only managed to drink one cup of the 2 free cups because i didn't wanna have that urge to pee and use the portalets, eww! hehe. we saw Rivermaya perform and a few other bands who i didn't really know. i heard there was a stampede at some other stage over Sugarfree. Ariel and Maverick were at some rooftop for their own coverage. they were in their usual colorful outfits and it was more fun watching them from a distance instead of those nameless bands who were mostly singing covers anyway.

when 3EB was about to come out we noticed that the 300 entrance was already open so we ran up nearest to the stage as we can. well at least it was just about 50 meters away, yey! when they opened up with Losing a Whole Year i just wanted to cry out and scream. i knew then that i was to have some grand time of my life. playlist is as follows (yep, i took down notes haha!):

Losing a Whole Year
Never Let you go
A Bonfire
Motorcycle Drive By
Don't Believe a Word
Deep Inside of You
How's it Gonna to be
Semi Charmed Life
some parts Stairway to Heaven hehe
Encore: God of Wine

*had to ask for titles of these

it was really stupid of me not to have brought my camera, well i didn't know we were going to be able to go that close anyway. and worse, my camera phone died out on me after a few vids argh!!!

but still the experience was all worth it especially when we didn't pay for anything. thanks to friends again, weeeeh!

Stephan Jenkins seemed old, his voice was kinda strained on some parts and it looked weird seeing him jump up and about and screaming.

we already went out right after Semi-charmed Life only to hear once more that they encored with God of Wine. We stayed outside for a bit and saw a lot of emo kids having a show of their own wehehehe...such a semi charmed night indeed!

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