Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Filipino Time

i hate waiting. i know it's a seemingly simple act but i do find it excruciating. i am generally patient with life but i simply hate it when i have to wait for something or someone.

i remember a long time back when we had a staff meeting but we could not start yet since one of the staff has not arrived. we all sat uneasily inside my boss' office, sat in silence and waited. then my office mate came in panting and apologetic but my boss seethed and said, "you don't do that again! have you no respect for other peoples' time?"

that just struck me. and i would remember it each time i have to wait up for someone.

respect for someone else's time... in meetings with friends or even for business meetings, we don't really have an exact time schedule right? we don't say 8pm instead it's dinner time or 8ish or between 8-9. and yet some people would arrive at 10pm, lol!

did you know that a year ago, Pres. Arroyo actually came out with an order that says November should be the National Consciousness Month for Punctuality and Civility? yes, there is such an order. maybe it's really about time we try to be punctual and not have to make people wait up for us unless we give advance notices. what's the use of mobile phones anyway.

i don't know why it has be on November. must be because the days are extra colder and it becomes such added effort to get up earlier? or maybe because DST in other parts of the world starts to take effect. whatever.

i am a bit guilty of being late too especially during mornings which is exactly why i don't like making appointments in the wee hours when my senses are still asleep. otherwise we have alarm clocks to SuperPoke us silly just for us to get up, don't we?

anyway, here's something from Lourd De Veyra which i caught on the news weeks ago. by the way, i am also currently hooked on ABC 5's TEN, i find their news bits more interesting and their discussions and commentaries more engaging. ;)

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