Friday, November 27, 2009

going green

i just have to share this.

i know my past blog entry was about a fish dish and here i am presenting you with another one *teehee*.

it's just simple fish and shrimps in green curry and although i thought the recipe at first was too daunting what with its numerous variety of spices and condiments and ingredients which i don't really know existed, i somehow manage to concoct something instant yet equally filling.


fish fillet (the lady at the supermarket tells me the variety that they had then was malapad na hasa-hasa, i don't know how it looks like when un-filleted so i didn't bother asking)

medium sized shrimps, shelled except for its tail (for effects i guess)

a tablespoon of green curry paste (which i merely picked up on the shelf)


green apple

chili leaves

green peas

a cup of coconut milk

soy sauce

chili flakes (optional)


saute ginger and curry paste
add fish and shrimps and saute it for about 5-10 minutes
add coconut milk let it simmer for 10 minutes
add in soy sauce, chili leaves and green apples
serve hot

and yes, when i mean hot it's really steaming hot and spicy. i must have eaten too much rice.

adding green apple was a technique i learned when we had this dish at Les Caraibes in Batangas. i'm not a fan of sayote nor cucumber and potatoes seem so ordinary. the crispiness of the apple was a refreshing contrast to the spicy kick of the curry and creaminess of the coconut milk. heavenly!

washing it down with Gilbey's Premium with green tea extract may also be a good idea. happy green friday!

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