Monday, November 23, 2009

something fishy

the truth is, i'm not really that a big fan of fish dishes. i find it malangsa and tinik ng isda irritates me. i don't mind having grilled or fried fish once in a while though. but frying fish in my tiny home with poor ventilation just gives me headaches. i can't stand the smell. and i don't eat paksiw and only tries out sinigang or tinola once in a while.

but since i'm not really getting any younger, i am slowly cutting down on red meats and now prefer concentrating on fruits, veggies and white meat instead.

i am now on the look out for simple fish dishes. i know i can't just forever have fried fish after all. i am currently a fan of this website and hopes to be able to prepare varied recipes.

here's my first attempt, baked fish fillet with mushrooms:

a few slices of filleted maya-maya
sliced mushrooms
olive oil
salt and pepper
onion powder

it is fairly simple, i seasoned the fish with salt, pepper,basil and onion powder (fresh onions may be used, i can't stand it's smell so i'm using powder instead hihi).
drizzle some olive oil on the pan and arrange the fish and mushrooms on it. bake for 15 minutes (well, i don't have a real oven so i merely plopped it in my oven toaster for 15 minutes).
and just like that, it is done!
you may want to add a zest of lemon and some butter for added flavor.
or some more seasoning, your choice.

if you have any other fish dishes please let me know, but nothing complicated please.

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