Saturday, March 03, 2007

I've been TAGGED!!

oh, i've been tagged by mars so here's my own set of 5 crazy things about me. five lang talaga??tsk tsk...

1. whenever i eat or drink i always leave some 'for the devil' whether it's coffee, juice, food even water. hmmm... i dunno why really.

2. i become more peaceful and calm when i'm listening to hard rock, loud music. i guess it just brings out all the pent up emotions in me and i'd be comforted by the vocalist who sing his lungs out. "they keep calling me, keep on calling me!!!!"

3. i used to be able to stay up and study well after a bottle of beer. one bottle can liven me up, two-four is ok...and id be up rather early than usual once i've had a few drinks.

4. i used to own a red wardrobe. i had red shirts, red shorts even red jeans. now am so much into purple...purple undies are really sexy. ;;)

5. i love Before Sunset so much i watched it alone at the movies. and i'd still watch it over and over again now. and i've even downloaded the script and memorised some of the lines. "Life's hard. It's supposed to be. If we didn't suffer, we'd never learn anything."

haay, 5 lang talaga....

newei, i'm tagging:

1. rashiko..kse makulit sya and am sure he'd want to do this ;)

2. mommy peeya...because i know she's weird and i'd like to learn more weird things about her.

3. my bestfriend sugar, she's kinda conventional. i'd like her to admit to something weird har-har!

4. my sister guia, i wanna be surprised!

5. Mang Max! kse i wanna know more about him.

other people who wanna get tagged can join in too ;) it's a freakin free country!!!


  1. dont know f my being crazy qualify as crazy to u...

    1. i speak my dialect to my students here n nyc and they will burst out laughing, "ms. m speaks chinese...cmon, cmon, say it again.."

    2. i'm addicted to jeopardy evry 7pm here dat all fon calls & txt mssgs r blocked off for 30 mins...nt even my hubby cn dsturb..wahaha!

    3. wen i went hom 2 pinas after 7 months n nyc, i drowned dunkin's cofe cup after cup so i cud just watch iliganons pass it curing my home-SICK-ness

    4. i buy shoes wen im depressed or stressed

    5. i used to drink a tablespoon of tylenol pm for cough & sore throat just to sleep. dat was me a junkie. now im not crazy anymore, am drinking warm soya milk w honey...sleep lyk a bb,i was almost late d 1st mrning i had it d nyt b4...

    but im most crazy wen i lyk its the end of the world...

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    mine's here =)

    thanks. good day!


  3. here's mine: