Friday, March 02, 2007

Who I am...5 years ago.

our college annual came out a tad bit delayed. was told that a lot of pictures and files we're lost and am glad mine was intact. but it kinda feels different reading my write up again. a good old friend wrote this for me. i guess that he's the only one who actually knew me inside's been like a lot of years since i saw him last and am just glad i found him again now. newei, here's what he wrote then...nah am not posting my college pic :p

AN ENIGMA? Too exaggerated. MYSTERIOUS? Too cliché. How do you capture such an elusive person as she is down on paper? Lang, as she is fondly called, leads an alternative lifestyle. Neither one of asceticism nor single-blessedness, nor any of that sort. Lang is a vibrant mix of interest and characteristic that make up the kaleidoscope that she is.
Form head to toe, she is a fashion statement on her own. Ethnic designs to solid pastel colors grace her petite frame. Her height is surely not a hindrance for her to have a noticeable figure, a product of the regular laps in the pool during afternoons. She is Sleeping Beauty come to life, for she uses her free time in school to go back to the boarding house to dream of who knows what! Songs by Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, and Tori Amos find their way into her Top Ten lists for the music scene.
This preference for rock and alternative music is a far cry from the silent and lethargic disposition she usually carries. A disposition that is sometimes mistaken as snobbish cynicism is actually a reflection of deep thought and contemplation. If she is not hanging out in or around the premises of the Gabay room, you can find her sitting( but most of the time lying) in the solitude of the green blanket of the football field, admiring the ever-changing beauty of sunset or the glistening displays of the stars in the night sky. It is here where most of her reflections on people and life play with the dancing hues of the setting sun or the sparkles of the stars beyond. And if you have any luck, they all get to play with yours. Nevertheless, she is always sucker for attention and pampering from those close to her. Finally, to a valued few, she will always be the bunso that she is. KF

so do you think this is still me now???

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