Friday, March 23, 2007

swift but sweet...

i got to go home to iligan for a few days last week...particularly mar. 17 to sis arrived from NY and she was to attend the graduation of her unica hija, Mai and my other niece Bb...twas indeed a grand time for celebrations as my mom celebrated her 64th birthday on the 20th...

we arrived early am that 17th and the family (yes, the entire family, all 12 of them!) was already set in welcoming us at the CdO airport. my sis and i though was more excited in seeing my 1 year old son. whoa! i haven't really seen him in almost 2 months! we just got to the airport and i was already scouring my son amongst the crowd. of course it was not so hard spotting him with his frowning looks perched on my bros shoulders. he still had the ultra creamy skin and chubby, chubby cheeks. weeh!! i couldn't quite help myself but run to get him. :D

my bro happened to have received his bonus composed of SM gift cetificates which he distributed to us all. twas indeed a great time for shopping and strolling. and yeah, running after Xan who just wanted to walk all around SM with his quick lil feet. we would take turns carrying him yet i still had muscle pains all over at the end of that day. sigh.

the next day, the 18th, we prepared for the graduation ceremonies. we were at the salon and had our hair done when a kid selling ponkan oranges gave us tips for swertres or the 3-digit lotto. i placed a bet on the numbers and won 1500 the next day hahahah!

we trooped to the school gym later that day, took pics and enjoyed the ceremony. we had food prepared at home, invited our relatives and friends and as always enjoyed the celebration.
wow, congrats to our nieces!!!

the following day, the 19th, i stayed home and played with Xan all day long. such bliss! i also got to clean my pc with all the unecessary files that forever gave me a low disk space alert....later that night we went on with a drinking spree at home with my mom giving Xan a sip of vodka cruiser hahaha! forgive us, Xan actually felt the effects of alcohol as he swayed around the room, giggled and squealed, laid down then closed his eyes and slept soundly till almost noon the next day...

on the 20th, we once again prepared for my Mom's birthday party...actually, twas more just my mom doing the cooking and the preparations of the food as we hover around to taste her dishes bro brought shrimps and crabs from zamboanga so we had a lot of seafoods to feast on again wow!!
more of her friends and our relatives pored in and partied with us again. Xan was just too delighted with the crowd he has gotten used to facing our guests, smiling and making cutesy faces at them. people would ask my mom her age and she would gladly say she's 64!! they would ask the secret to her youthful aura and i would vehemently reply, "it's Xan" hehehe...true enough, Xan has been a true blessing to our home bleh!
before the night ended we we're finally able to gather the entire family and took a complete family here we are, the royal familia MIRASOL!

the following day, the 21st, i had to finally leave early again to catch my early am flight back to manila...back to reality...well, swift but sweet indeed!


  1. hala, buti ka pa nananalo sa swertres. LOL. how i wosh ako din. yun nga lang, im not a fan of lotto. :D

  2. heheh oo nga..sana nilakihan ko taya ko noh para 15,000 or 150,000 man lang. :D