Sunday, May 20, 2007

a different community

we went to makilala, cotabato right after the elections...though the air was still a bit tensed we really didn't have any choice as it was what our schedule could allow. one of the highlights though was visiting this community which they call the New Israel.

I was able to interview their baranggay captain and turns out that her father is the founder of the said cult which they call the Moncados. They consider their community as God's chosen site for His 12 twelve tribes. They have their own rituals and practices and are basically vegetarians. They are the believers of its founder Moncado thus are called the Moncadistas.

the activity though was an Operation Tuli for the their kids below 9 years old...there actually had an overwhelming response as people poured in in spite of the rains. our host happened to be one of the military doctor who helped organize this event.

twas indeed some kind of an experience. the locals prepared so much for it they even gave us corsages as a welcome gift. they served us lots of food nevermind if we have to eat them while hearing young boys screaming in pain in the background hahaha!

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