Thursday, May 31, 2007

finding peace up the mountains

Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental--twas a longish 3 hour drive up the rough roads to the mountains and we felt we've been driving like forever we thought we would never see any more civilization. but of course we we're wrong. there nestled up the seeming wilderness lay a community, with the school surrounded by small homes with neatly manicured gardens.

and on top of it all was a teacher who braved the perils, gave up her city life and lived and cared for the children and the community. it is truly very inspiring to be able to find people like them. they who chose to give up a what may be a more comfortable life if only to give a better future for other people.

it is truly in these kinds of journeys when you feel you've been renewed from all the weariness brought about by our day to day existence. i still feel quite jaded by it all but somehow i'd feel that somewhere out there, people are actually living a more peaceful life brought about by their own willfull decisions. and yes, anyone, wherever we are can have this same peace. this same happiness. it's just a matter of making a choice. :)

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